mommy sm About Rachael The lovely Rachael Hunter (no, not the supermodel, though she qualifies) handles news and traffic on the Dr. Don Show…and keeps the boys from getting too carried away. Rachael graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 1988 and immediately began working as an airborne traffic reporter for WTIC. While there, she also served on the Public Relations and Employee Relations board for Triple-A Hartford and was the Vice President/Secretary of the Hartford Chapter of Women in Communications.

Rachel married her husband, Jay, in 1993 and was immediately on her way to her way to Michigan, were she was born and adopted. Her country radio career includes stops at WSAQ in Port Huron and WWWW in Detroit, where Rachael had the honor of co-hosting a radio show with country music star Holly Dunn.

Rachael, her husband and their teenage daughter are fixtures at country concerts all around the Motor City. She’s good friends with many country stars and crossover stars. Case in point: Rachael worked for the radio station that was one of the first to play Jessica Simpson’s pop music. Rachael now works for the station that is one of the first to play Jessica’s country music. Jessica hasn’t forgotten that. But there’s more: During the CMA Music Fest, you’ll frequently find Rachael in Phil Vasser’s swimming pool! Or having lunch with Luke Bryan’s mother. This closeness with today’s country music stars plays well into Rachael’s Daily Entertainment News report, which covers what’s happening in their lives, both professionally and personally.

In between the concerts and the radio show, one is likely to find Rachael attending her daughter’s soccer games and dance recitals or taking a turn as a “lunch mom” at her daughter’s school.

Rachael’s very active in the community, frequently attending or hosting City Council events. Her husband Jay is a Parks & Recreation Commissioner.  This Spring, Rachael put her vast experience on display during Career Day at her daughter’s school. The students learned about careers in country radio and flipped over a hand-written note addressed to the class by Taylor Swift.

Rachael lost her father to cancer in 1988 so she is involved in local cancer charities, and most recently hosted the Opening Ceremony for Relay for Life in Canton, Michigan. Every year Rachael hosts the annual Fallen Heroes Fundraiser. In the past, she’s co-hosted the annual MDA Telethon, the annual Humane Society Telethon and produced a yearly CD to benefit the Homeless in Detroit.

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  1. Lynne says:

    What’s the name of that reducing stuff that you have been raving about? I keep missing it when you talk about it in the morning. Thanks. Lynne

  2. Nikki says:

    I would also like to know the name of the reducing stuff you and Grunwald are taking? I for some reason can not remember the name of it. Thank you so much. Nikki

  3. pam says:

    i also want the name of the stuff you are taking

  4. Juli says:

    Rachael, couldn’t find an email addess for you. But wanted to tell you, my son did the same thing with the Varsity coat. I never had one, neither had his dad, we pushed him to get his even though he didn’t really want to…$300 later he’s worn it two times! Go with your daughter on this one.

  5. Sue says:

    I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you. I just had to write this. Does parents know that school districts monitor the students’ Facebook? My co-worker received a call from the Utica School District and the conference was about what his child wrote about a teacher. I agree it was wrong what the child wrote (the student call a teacher a name). I know that parents should be monitoring their child’s time on the computer. Why am I paying for a public employee to monitor Facebook? Who is doing monitoring? Is there a policy or procedure for this monitoring? Who is watching the monitor? Does this monitor sign a statement to keep whatever is read confidential? Or is this party gossip and good laughs? Is this monitor ethical? How do we know what the monitor does in private and he/she might be a monitor?
    In the newspaper today is an article about companies monitoring their employees’ Facebook. One company states it’s a full-time job. Companies have disciplined and fired over a Facebook statements. I can see this being done but what policy or procedure is set-up or is this another court battle that we pay.
    Are we paying for a public employee to monitor Facebook as a full-time job? How much are they getting paid? $30,000 -$60,000?
    Would you like Dr. Don or Steve to be a monitor at your company? What about Jason? Ha! Ha!
    I had to say this – it is really bugging me. Who is monitoring the monitor? Is a teacher monitoring that should be in the classroom? Does the State of Michigan have a monitor that we are paying for also?

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Sue! Hey . . . do you know for sure that somebody at the school is being paid to monitor facebook? I was wondering if maybe . . just through word of mouth, that word got back to a teacher that somebody had said something about them on Facebook.

      It happened at my daughter’s high school , . . where some kid got suspended for what they said about another student on Facebook. I think it’s very questionable when Facebook and social networking sites inter-connect with school.

      I know our Facebook pages our monitored . … . .

  6. Stephanie says:

    hi rachael my name is stephanie and i volunteer for a local animal rescue group (P.A.A.W. pet adoption alternative of warren, and we are havin a low cost vacination clinic comming up and i wanted to know if there is any way you could say something about it on the radio or post it on your site. we want to get the word out for all those people out there that love there pets but due to the times have trouble taking care of them do to money issues. if you can help it is much appreciated. Thank you for your time
    here is the info>

    Low cost Vaccination Clinic Sunday September 12th
    Location> Debbie’s Smooch-A-Pooch Salon
    30557 Dequindre, Madison Heights 48071
    $10 vaccines
    $20 microchips
    email or call 586-565-0350 to reserve a spot
    Cash Only Please!
    Sponserd by Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren P.A.A.W.

    Thanks 🙂

  7. char says:

    Hey Rachel!
    Any chance of hearing the Courtyard Hounds” new CD..plzzzzzzz?

  8. carol scott says:

    you go girl!!!! don’f for get about your older sister who misses you very much. i’m very very proud of you .

  9. Kathy says:

    Rachel, Can you give me some recommendations for the CMA Fest. I’m taking my daughter this summer for a graduation gift. When do the concerts begin on the 9th? When do they end on the 12? We are trying to plan accomodations and can’t find this info. on the CMA Fest website. Is the field and park within walking distance or do you have to have your own transportation? Any help or suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  10. Tanya says:

    Hi Rachael,
    My dad made a comment that you are always talking about this weight loss website on your show but could not remember the name? What is the website?
    Thanks Tanya

  11. sue schley says:

    please forward the name of the weight reduction product you and steve are taking.

    1. Linda Lee says:

      Sent Grunwald and Rachel your question…you should get an e-mail response from one or both of them soon!

  12. Ron says:

    I really wanted to call in yesterday about sandwiches! My first unconventional was peanut butter and sauerkraut. I have also had a spaghetti sandwich and pastrami & broccoli. I know everyone eats peanut butter and something, but one of my favorite quick breakfasts is peanut butter and Thai garlic chili sauce. The newest sandwich I have tried is left-over Chinese food on whole grain bread with spicy mustard.
    For a quick breakfast sandwich, spray PAM in a coffee cup to microwave an egg that fits on bread (toast) and throw on a slice of lunch meat and cheese.
    My dream is to create a healthy, interesting menu for people on the go. – Ron

    1. Hi Ron! WOW!! Those sandwiches are crazy!! Which one is your favorite?


      1. Ron says:

        Well, two are more for breakfast . . . PB & S takes a while; you have to squeeze the juice out of the Saurkraut. They are more like convenience foods. pastrami and broccoli came about because i was aout of lettuce. Gotta have crunchy :)~

        What do you put on oatmeal? I like maple syrup. Sometimes a crispy-fried egg, Thai chili sauce, AND maple syrup 😀

  13. Terry says:

    Rachael, this morning you stated something about calling stepdads MOD? Is that correct, and what does it stand for? Thanks, Terry

  14. chord guitar says:

    thanks for posting about rachael

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