Please note that times are approximated and subject to change. Check back here at WYCD.COM for updates!


River Stage

  • 2:15 PM  Josey Greenwell
  • 3:00 PM  Bill Bynum
  • 4:00 PM  Crystal Gage
  • 5:00 PM  John Maison
  • 6:00 PM  Mark Richardson
  • 7:00 PM  Hunter Brucks

Lower Stage

  • 2:00 PM  Ashley Allyson
  • 2:40 PM  TJ Kelly
  • 3:20 PM  Devin Scilllian

Upper Stage

  • 4:10 PM  [lastfm]The McClymonts[/lastfm]
  • 5:00 PM  [lastfm]Jaron and the Long Road to Love[/lastfm]
  • 6:05 PM  [lastfm]Lee Brice[/lastfm]
  • 7:15 PM  [lastfm]Justin Moore[/lastfm]
  • 8:30 PM  [lastfm]Randy Houser[/lastfm]
  • 10:05 PM [lastfm]Dierks Bentley[/lastfm]


River Stage

  • 11:30 AM  JT Williams
  • 12:15 PM  ShowdownLive Band
  • 1:30 PM  Longneck Strangler
  • 2:15 PM   Centerville
  • 3:00 PM  Laura Wilke
  • 4:00 PM  REDHILL
  • 5:00 PM  Stephen Clark
  • 6:00 PM  The Avery Set
  • 7:00 PM  Yankeeville

Lower Stage

  • 11:00 AM  Molly Hunt
  • 11:40 AM  Hardline Drive
  • 12:25 PM  Austin Scott
  • 1:10 PM  David Shelby
  • 1:55 PM  Annabelle Road
  • 2:40 PM  Forbes Bros.
  • 3:25 PM  Randy Montana

Upper Stage

  • 4:20 PM  [lastfm]Jerrod Nieman[/lastfm]
  • 5:10 PM  [lastfm]James Otto[/lastfm]
  • 6:15 PM  [lastfm]Steve Azar[/lastfm]
  • 7:25 PM  [lastfm]Colt Ford[/lastfm]
  • 8:45 PM  [lastfm]Steel Magnolia[/lastfm]
  • 10:20 PM  [lastfm]Uncle Kracker[/lastfm]


River Stage

  • 11:30 AM  Brian Lorente
  • 12:15 PM  Wrenfields
  • 1:30 PM  Bullhonkey Deluxe
  • 2:15 PM  Blue Coyote Band
  • 3:00 Billy Craig
  • 4:00 PM  Blaine Larsen
  • 5:00 PM  Billy Brandt’s Basement Band
  • 6:00 PM  Orbitsuns
  • 7:00 PM  Colgate Country Showdown Winner

Lower Stage

  • 11:00 AM  Cowboy Allan
  • 11:50 AM  Julianne
  • 12:35 PM  JoCaine
  • 1:20 PM  Derringer
  • 2:05 PM  Terrie Lea and the Mustangs
  • 2:55 PM  Telluride
  • 3:45 PM  Stephen Cochran

Upper Stage

  • 4:55 PM  [lastfm]David Nail[/lastfm]
  • 6:05 PM  [lastfm]Julianne Hough[/lastfm]
  • 7:40 PM  [lastfm]Darryl Worley [/lastfm]
  • 9:15 PM  [lastfm]Zac Brown Band[/lastfm]

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Comments (82)
  1. Kayla says:

    WHAT!!!?? Why isn’t Jason Michael Carrol going to be at the Hoedown this year.. He’s been at the hoedown for the past 3 years!! I was really looking forward to him being there.. He’s my favorite and this years line up; I don’t think is nearly as good as past years!!

    1. michelle myers says:

      Jason Michael Carrol, Randy Houser, Richie McDonald, and Jimmie Wayne are doing a free concert at Ojibawa Island (near Saginaw) on June 19

      1. Brenda Loomis and the Blue Coyote Band says:

        Last years crowd… 90,000
        It was great….

    2. crystal says:

      I agree this years line up sucks and i love going to the hoedown ever year. what happend to all the great singers in the past. from 2005 and up to 2009 was the best line up. i hope it gets better next year. i still love you all at WYCD. I will be there sunday for sure see all there….

  2. JB says:

    I completely agree Kayla, was expecting alot more from the lineup, Friday is the best of all them, and Justin moore and Randy Houser should have been swapped around.

  3. JB says:

    I will say make an effort to see Karla Davis, the colgate country showdown winner, she’s got a great voice, and it’s kind kewl she performs barefoot, 🙂

  4. Tammy says:

    Wow, this lineup seems to be falling a little short. Where is Josh Gracin? And although I am a Kracker fan, what happened to Saturdays lineup

  5. Melisa says:

    Wow the lineups great, but not as good as last year!!! Still can’t wait to go though!!! Maybe the Zac Brown band will bring out Kid Rock again!!!

  6. Pat says:

    Dierks Bentley is going to be a GREAT show. But sunday night looks to be an okay night too… David Nail is a great singer and has great songs! Can’t wait!!

  7. Cindy says:

    Wow! I’m so looking forward to Sunday’s lineup.I love Darryl Worley and the Zac Brown Band is the Greatest!!! Thanks WYCD!!! I’ll see you there!

  8. Mike says:

    Wow this seems to be the worst lineup ever. I may even cancel my room for the weekend

  9. Star says:

    Whoo Hooo – Steve Azar at Hoedown!!! You guys rock!!! Love his new song!!!!

  10. Lauren says:

    Slim Pickens this year or what…

    Josh Gracin?? Where is he at?

    Kid Rock Again would have been cool…

    Even Nelson…

    1. shala:) says:

      I couldnt agree more.

  11. Dave says:

    I want Rodney Atkins to come back again!!

  12. alicia wolan says:

    im so excited.. this line up is great<3 see yall there

  13. Jen says:

    Kid Rock will be there Saturday and Sunday for sure!!! But where the hell is Josh Gracin??? He has made the show the last few years… looks like the hoedown is slackin’ this year.

  14. JohnnyB says:

    Terrible line-up outside of a couple, might skip it all together this year.

  15. Leah says:

    #1) It is 3 days of FREE entertainment!
    #2) These artists do not perform for FREE!
    This whole event depends on on sponsorships and with the way the economy is here in Detroit there may not be the funds for some of the bigger artists. Let’s be greatful for what WYCD and Detroit is doing to bring you FREE entertainment to enjoy with family and friends!

  16. Jamie (JRKJMC) says:

    Where is Jason Michael Carroll????? He is the reason I go to the Hoedown!!!

    1. Jamie (JRKJMC) says:

      Although I am TOTALLY bummed and sad that JMC is not on the lineup, I do want to state that I agree with Leah. I have only known about the Hoedown for a few years, but I think it is a wonderful gift to country music fans. I first learned about this event from Jason Michael Carroll’s website in 2008. I am a fan of his so I travelled to Detroit that year and when I found out he would be there in 2009, I travelled to Detroit again! Jason is an awesome artist and a really sweet guy; he doesn’t receive nearly as much attention or recognition as he deserves. Please give JMC a chance and check out You won’t be disappointed, especially if you see him live, so look at his upcoming concerts while you’re at his website!

    2. Marcia Ham says:

      Just an FYI, Jason Michael Carroll is sceduled to perform at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill on April 29th.

  17. Jamie (JRKJMC) says:

    Thank you to all those involved in putting on the Hoedown from the artists to the sponsors to the cleanup crew! This HTF* appreciates what you do!!!

    *If you are a Jason Michael Carroll fan, you understand this!!!

  18. Laurie says:

    I think it’s great WYCD is able to do this at all. We are looking forward to going. Thank you WYCD & your sponsers! You’re the best!

  19. Lisa says:

    The line up might not be exactly as I would like it, but I always have a GREAT time and end up enjoying almost all of the bands, even the unknown ones. Thanks WYCD!!

  20. Mat says:

    Honestly, I think this line-up is awesome. Country music is country music. I don’t care who is on that stage, as long as they are singin’ my kind of music. I’m happy.

  21. jamy says:

    does it cost money

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      FREE! Three days of great artists in one big Country Music Festival! FREE! See you at Hart Plaza!

    2. shala:) says:


  22. Marcia says:

    This is a great time to check out the local talent here in Detroit. Longneck Strangler on Saturday afternoon will be a group not to be missed! If you’ve never seen or heard them, check them out at the River Stage.

  23. doug says:

    what is the cost to attent the hoedown thanks

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      The WYCD Hoedown is one of a kind and the largest FREE Country Music Festival in the country! Hope to see you there!

  24. Jeremy says:

    Its a FREE concert how can we complain about the line up? Its almost like the redwings where we expect alot but, it looks like a great line up. Only two questions… what are the dates and how do I know where the lower and upper stage are? I have never been yet but, have seen the line ups for previous years. Thanks!

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      We will have a map of the grounds posted soon – so keep checking back! It will provide you with details on the stage locations! Thanks!

  25. Jeremy says:

    Never mind on the dates they are located in the top left hand side of this website… duh lol

    1. Jeremy says:

      I mean right hand side… lack of sleep last night thats what I blame this on… thats my story and I’m sticking to it lol.

  26. Mike says:

    REDHILL on Saturday afternoon. Come out and support them! (and I’m not just saying that because my brother-in-law is the drummer).

  27. Gina says:

    Can’t wait to see Annabelle Road and The Zac Brown Band!!

  28. Mike says:

    The line-up looks weak this year! What happened? No Jason Michael Carroll or Josh Gracin. Sure wish they would bring back the VIP pass like they had a few years back!

  29. Becca says:

    I can’t get the schedule to print correctly. I get 3 blank sheets and the Fridays and Saturdays schedule. I am using the print button from this page, but if I use the print button fron my computer, I get the same thing.

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Just did a test print and it did print great. Not sure if the settings on your printer are making a difference or not.

  30. Lori says:

    This years line is great I haven’t been able to go the last few years but I will be there this year seeing that this is my last year to go I’m moving out of Michigan. I will miss hearing Dr Don and the Morning Crew. Thanks to everyone at WYCD for bringing this free 3 day concert to Detroit.

    1. Laura says:

      Lori you can stream wycd on line all day all night any where in the country my Neice does ans she lives in NH . she grew up in Michigan and when she was 28 moved to Florida and then to NH . She says she cant get good home style country like in DETROIT

  31. AG says:

    Every year there is a different line up for the hoedown, we all have our favorites and we all love country music, I am just thankful that we have a country station to listen to and that they go the extra mile to get country artist to come to our area, alot of small towns just have 2-3 country artist that come and play for at their local FAIR. We have the 10 man jam, and the palace so we have more opportunies than most people to see country artist .So lets go all go to the hoedown and have a good time and support OUR 2010 hoedown and get her done !!!! LOL

  32. Jules says:

    OK, what the hell happened to Kyle Jennings, he was supposed to be there on Sunday at 4pm, now Blaine Larsen is performing, I don’t get it, I was looking forward to seeing Kyle too!

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Kyle had to cancel for unknown reasons, and was replaced by Blaine Larsen.

  33. Melissa says:

    What is goin on?? Where are all the great singers??? I usually go all three days every year!! Not this year!! Maybe just sunday….Hopefully next year will be better! It sucks because I look forward to this every year, taking off work and planning for all three days of nothin but good times!!:(

  34. shala:) says:

    This line up is terribe. Just saying.

  35. Jolene says:

    Wow complain, nag, complain, nag….. That’s whats wrong with folks these days, never happy…

  36. Stu Pidface says:

    I thought I saw the Eli Young Band on the roster. Has something changed or was I looking at concert dates for another venue this summer??

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Eli Young Band was not on the Roster this year.

  37. Stu Pidface says:

    And… to add to my last post, I just realized Julianne Hough is performing on Sunday! Since I missed my opportunity with Carrie Underwood, I just might bring that diamond ring I’ve been holding on to!!

  38. Me says:

    I heard JT Williams was pretty darn good……Im gonna check it out and see!

  39. grace says:

    When it says no coolers does that also mean you can’t take food of your own in your bag?

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      There are many many vendors selling food for your convenience. We hope you enjoy!

  40. Hailey says:

    Why isn’t Josh Gracin coming this year?? He comes every year except for now! What The Heck!!

  41. Lori says:

    I don’t understand all the disappointment in this years line-up! There are some award winning artists in the group, and I think everyone should give the rest a chance before judging! Can’t wait to see Randy Houser and Dierks Bentley Friday!!!

  42. Jason says:

    Looks like a good line-up to me…the Detroit Hoedown is NOT the only event in the country people…and these other artists have tours of their own. Think about it.

    Looks like a great time – I want to see Zack Brown Band most, but that late on Sunday? that does kinda suck…

  43. Tina Dunn says:

    .I cant wait 4 this weekend. Ive been threw a hard time so far this year and last.Country music keeps my spirits up.I dont have much money and i get excited when the hoedown is here cause its free to us all. I want to thank all of u for this wonderful weekend we will be having. God bless you all.

  44. L.B. says:

    Hey, I’m kind of a new country fan, but the lineup looks great from a newer fans peerspective. I’ve seen a couple of the local bands and highly recommend a band I saw last year on the river stage _ Annabelle Road. My gut tells me this band is going to be big. Check um out.

  45. Ron says:

    Is Blaine Larsen still playing? Don’t see him on the Sunday schedule

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Yes, Sunday on the River Stage at 4 p.m.

  46. Amanda says:

    I am FINALLY going this yr after all these yrs, yeahh I know lol!!
    Im just wondering how do you get T-SHIRTS?? Are they going to be giving them out during the event or what?? ❤

  47. robin says:

    i love the line-up and love love zac brown band i’m so exicted i took the whole weekend off so im going friday and sunday i would on saturday but have a wedding to go too love u thanks

  48. truth b says:

    While I agree with alot of comments from both sides, yes we can’t complain too much because it is a free concert for most people. Although a lot of people will buy food, drinks, or beer while your down there. Most people will spend the money and enjoy what is there, and the weather, while being outside.
    But for those that have gone year after year, gotten hotel rooms, and supported the hoedown and the city that weekend, with eating out, a lot of us have been to hoedowns in the past that was impressive; that is all I believe most are saying. That is why this site is here for everyone to leave their comments (pros/cons). All most people are trying to do with the con side is to try to get everyone to see outside of the box a little bit more. Many fans listen to, I’ll term it as “underground country” (music of artists that haven’t gotten popular yet). Last year names like Justin Moore, Trailer Choir, Zac Brown, etc, were all new to the scene. And there is a, we’ll say an underground following to a lot of artists, that maybe even the radio station, might not be aware of. WYCD is DETROIT’s #1 station yes. But I think sometimes they burn us out of some artists, and certain songs, because they play their songs over and over. I personally wish they would once in a while play something that would shock the diehard country fans, and make them call in and say, hey who was that artist you just played; that song is awesome. I’ve had to do that with other stations. Heck, or during the work day, the first song of every hour play a brand new never before heard song, by any artist. The ultimate station would be one that could play any request, not just what is popular right now, but we all know that’s like finding a unicorn.
    There are alot of good artists that are up and coming, that some just wonder, why not see if they could make it and perform, getting them probably cheaper; before anyone else knows about them. Don’t we always say be the leader! Acts Like Laura Bell Bundy, Derric Ruttan, Brantley Gilbert, Daniel Smith, Ty Williams, Krista Marie, Matt Stillwell, Brady Seals, Josh Thompson, Tyler Dickerson, are just a few people that are unknowns that are just starting to make a name for themselves, some are probable years away from getting known to the rest of public, and some might not even get that far. But why not help push their careers. Also, why not bring in some old acts that haven’t been around for a while, and please some of the older crowd’s: Travis Tritt, Rhett Atkins, (I’m sure there is a lot more that I cannot think of at this time) whom have been around for a long time. People would love to see them, and for the fans that are just finally getting into county, they can see what some of the great music was before; that would be a great mixture. I understand there is economics and politics when it comes to decisions we all do. Country is about that next new artist isn’t it, and we all know you can’t please everyone?

  49. jb says:

    I hope David Nail’s plays “Memphis” from his 2002 album, that was only given to the radio stations. For anyone that hasn’t heard it, check it out. BTW Colt Ford has a great song called “All about Ya’ll” from his new album, that has Josh Gracin singing the chorus, so if he plays it, he might show up.

  50. robin says:

    i’am getting ready rite now with my boyfriend his mom my brother sister in law neice and my friends cat brittany and many many more i cnt wait i love country keep coming

  51. Dennis says:

    why is the best band of the weekend not playing until 915 on Sunday night? plus everyone knows that its more then 90% probable that it will rain like it does every sunday of hoedown

  52. Bailey says:

    wow i am very fustrated. i went last night and dont think i will ever go again. i have to go back to my car 2 times before i was able tyo get in. if we had a insilated bag and we were told it was a cooler. then we come back and we are told we cant bring ANY food. then we go back and we finally get in. we cant afford or eat the kind of food that was offered there and we say many people who had food but we couldn’t we also say tons of people with folding chairs but the people at the enterance were playing favorites they let some but not others. i also emailed the radio station and was told that we could bring food and that it wouldn’t be a problem. worst experience ever. i would rather pay to see someone than deal with the asshole security guards. i think that they should charge people $52 to get in if they want to bring food and free if you want to buy food their. It was complete bullshit. also they should have kick MANY people out. Also i had one of the VIP shirts and when we had to go to the bathroom it took over an hour to get through the assholes. i think that the VIP section should have someplace colse to use the restroom. Over all i give this year a 1 out of 10. and that for the artist. also this isnt a free concert for ANYONE you have to pay atleast $10 to park and buy food and drinks because you cant bring any.

  53. B says:

    wish i could have seen KID ROCK last night. I LOVE HIM. but we had to leave at 11pm to make sure our car didn’t get locked up. i am pissed.

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Kid Rock didn’t show last night so you didn’t miss out! : ( Just never know! But Josh Gracin did make a surprise visit!

  54. Bailey says:

    sorry i meant $2

  55. eric says:

    Theres a artist from GA named Cory Smith his music is amazing!! Wish he was on your booked list..

  56. Emily says:

    Lee Brice <3333333333333333

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