daisy 1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!

1:41 a.m., I am naked and trying to lift my bed to get my dog “unstuck.” Not a pretty picture. Oh, there’s more!

img 0189 1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!

Whenever it storms or thunders, my dog shakes and hides. So just a few minutes ago, I wake up hearing her cry behind my headboard. I think I am dreaming and not quite sure what’s going on at this point. So I get up and turn the light on, and see my dog Daisy stuck between the headboard and the wall. No your not dreaming a bad dream, trust me this. Sadly its real and this is my life.

As I have talked about on the radio many times, I do sleep in the buff. Now at this point, I am trying to lift

img 0179 1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!

the headboard but it’s too heavy. A grown man, naked, trying to lift a 200# lb headboard to get his dog unstuck at 1:41am is NOT a pretty picture. Trust me on that one. I thought I gave myself a hernia.

Daisy can always be lured out with food. She would walk on water for any kind of food. Wonder where she gets that from? ha ha Anyway, I went to get a couple dog treats. Next , I moved the night stand away from my bed so she could try and squeeze straight through and not try img 0188 1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!and turn around. When Daisy sees the treats, she bolts out taking the phone, lamp and clock radio cords with her. She pulls the cords out of the wall to get the treats. I know what your thinking, This is so stupid it could never happen. People, I can’t make this stuff up! What other person does this happen to besides me? NO ONE!

Back to the story. Now I have to reset my clock radio and alarm time to get up in 90 min. To the normal person this would take only img 0173 1:41 AM, Naked, Tired, And Weightlifting?!a few minutes, but for me, since I can’t remember how to set it, it takes another 15. Now I am paranoid that she is going to pull the cord out again and pull the plug from the wall. Thus pulling the alarm clock cord and the phone cord out of the wall, causing me to oversleep. When Rachael calls from WYCD saying, “You’re late, get up!” I wont hear the phone because its unplugged. At least I am not over thinking things right?

Another night of no sleep. As I type this, my dog is back hiding behind the headboard again. Most of the time when she is scared she goes into my guest bedroom and lays on the bed with a couple of stuffed animals. Why she does this I don’t have a clue. It is a pretty funny site though. The only thing I have tried to use to relax her, is a natural spray that goes on her tongue. That is supposed to calm her, but so far it has not worked. I also have a spray that you squirt on a sheet or in her bedding, so that when she lays on it, it is supposed to calm her. That normally works, but not tonight. Any ideas on what to do? Anything that you use on your pet that works?

April showers and storms are not going to get me any sleep this month. I need help! Its 2:15 am now! GOODNIGHT!

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  1. Sharon Campbell says:

    Get her a big cardboard box with a blanket in when it storms so she thinks she has safe shelter. She is trying to be somewhere dark so she cannot see the lightning. HAHAHA Maybe a pair of earmuffs to muffle the thunder? No, just turn your radio on a little bit to help hide the noise. My cats crawl under furniture and if I left the basement door open they would head there, lower to be away from the noise and light show. I hope this helps Steve, good luck!! Keepin fingers crossed for Ms Daisy!!

  2. Diane W says:

    Sorry, Steve, I have no ideas about your dog’s fears other than what you have tried. My Shetland Sheepdog thinks the thunder is something growling at her and she runs from door to window barking and looking for something to attack. So I have been up all night as well!

  3. Carrie says:

    Hi Steve,

    I feel for you!!! I had a Dalmation that freaked out during storms too and it only got worse as the years went on. I couldn’t sleep at all because she’d get on the bed, wrap herself around my head and dig her claws into my head repeatedly like she was trying to get inside me. I tried prozac for dogs for awhile and it helped at first but then nothing…got worse!

    The end of June and most of July were serious sleep deprived times for me between thunder when it was bad weather and fireworks when it was nice weather.

    Ask the vet for prozac and see if it helps. The only problem is, you can’t give it to her when you’re gone and a storm comes on.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Nanci H. says:

    Whatever you do – don’t play “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks, forgot once how that would affect my dog!

    My vet finally gave Zanax for this same issue! Hey, if it doesn’t work for the dog – it will certainly help you get through it! LOL!

    Love the cardboard box idea Sharon – going to try that next time! Of course – Steve would need a refrigerator size box for Daisy!

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