“Crotch Rockets” OUT OF CONTROL!

Yesterday I reported a “motorcycle” on fire on I-75 causing delays…..and when I got home, my husband Jeff said, “That IDIOT is LUCKY to be ALIVE”! The “crotch rocket” rider FLEW by my hubby BETWEEN 2 cars on I-75, and lost control…

Jeff said that about a mile after that, there “the idiot” was….standing on the side of the freeway, with his cell phone in hand, escaping serious injury or DEATH, with his totalled  “crotch rocket” burning on the freeway. I KNOW, that not all riders of this particular type of motorcycle drive like maniacs, so carelessly, but I DO see them going upwards of 100 MPH on the freeway quite often….HOW BOUT YOU? What do YOU think about this?

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