kilpatrick rs Kwame, We Pray For You!

As is old news by now, Wayne County Circuit Judge David Groner was in NO mood to be charitable on Tuesday, May 25th when he sentenced Former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick to jail for up to five years, continuing to hold him responsible for paying the money he owes to the City of Detroit! 

99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald and 2010 WYCD Hoedown Artist [lastfm]Jaron and the Long Road to Love[/lastfm], corroborated on the latest version of the hit song “Pray For You!” (And we all know what happens when Grunwald “corroborates!”) Read on to hear. . .

Listen to “Kwame, We Pray For You!”

[photogallerylink id=15121 align=left]Tuesday night 99.5 WYCD’s Coop, took callers and recorded a sampling of  “Kwame, We Pray For You!”

To hear the full version, be sure to tune your FM dial to 99.5 WYCD! Don’t forget about our request line:  313-298-1999!

(Read “Kilpatrick Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison” from our sister station, WWJ Newsradio 950!)

To lighten things up a bit, and just in case you haven’t seen the Official “Pray For You” Video by [lastfm]Jaron and the Long Road To Love[/lastfm], this is one we are sure you will enjoy!

pray for you 1 Kwame, We Pray For You!

2010 WYCD Hoedown Headliner [lastfm]Jaron and the Long Road to Love[/lastfm] put a new spin on “Pray For You” in this new video featuring Jaime Pressly!

Jaimie Pressly, actress and model, best known for playing Joy on the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl. She was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series in 2006 and 2007, winning the award in 2007. She has also been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2006; and for a Golden Globe Award in 2007.

You can see why Jaron got started on the song in this prequel to “Pray For You!” (See the original version below)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After seeing the prequel – do you agree he was justified? And here’s the original:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Comments (60)
  1. Tammy says:

    I absolutley loved it. and I love seeing that nasty theif in his prison Yellows I hope that what ever jail he is sent to after Jackson has its way with him he gets to either be in stripes or bright pink

  2. Jeff says:

    Can the new Detroit version of Pray for you be purchased?

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Not at this time. Keep checking back for details on if and when Jaron and the Long Road to Love will release for download.

    2. Dolly says:

      I sure wish it was available on itunes.

      1. 99.5 WYCD says:

        You can download it here! Give the bandbox a few seconds to load and you will see the Song available for Download!

  3. Emily says:

    This is AWESOME!!

  4. Brian says:

    Where do I find the whole song since you pulled it off the web site. Does Kwame still have a hold on this city?

  5. Sam says:

    I nearly pissed myself on my way home from work. Thanx Jaron and WYCD, true bugt very funny

  6. Thank God! says:

    You need to post the full song on the web site. I’d love to be able to replay it over and over again!

  7. melissa says:

    can you put ht ewhole song up it only plays about 3 sec.

  8. Nicole says:

    I love this song!! How can I hear the whole song???

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      The song may be posted in it’s entirety soon at WYCD.COM, but for now, be sure to tune in to 99.5 WYCD on your FM Dial to hear Grunwald and Jaron’s parody of “Pray For You!”

  9. tonya says:

    Put the whole song on here!!! PLEASE!

  10. mikaela says:

    omg i love this song sooo funny lol

  11. Dena says:

    Love The song! I was blasting it down the High way. Windows down and singing. LOVE IT!!!!

  12. Orville Schaller says:

    an you post the whole song?

  13. Orville Schaller says:

    can you post the whole song?

  14. linda says:

    Please play the song again about Kwame

  15. Sandy says:

    This is so very very amazingly awesome I laughed so hard…and yes he is right there where he needs to be sucks when you think you’re above the law only to get knocked back down on your backside….NO PUN INTENDED…ok perhaps a little

  16. Diane says:

    All of the versions are excellent ! I “Pray For”, my devious, estranged ( and strange ), sister and brother ……Karma Kharma…okay,,,,,,,along comes Jaron with this excellent song and these videos 😉

  17. Bridget says:

    please post the whole song on here! have to share with family and friends who don’t live in the area, ITS HILARIOUS!

  18. Jeff says:

    The clip on the web is only a few seconds of the song. I would be willing to PAY for the full version of this song!

  19. linda says:

    That song was awsome. I currently live in GA and my parents back in MI called and told me I had to go online so I could listen to it. That was the best song .Kwame is where he need to be in jail. He though his shit didn’t stink but guess what it does.

  20. Tara says:

    LMAO I just heard it on the radio, it is hilarious!

  21. NancyB says:

    Dedicate this song to the whole Kilpatrick family & friends!!! The original song is great, but this takes the cake !!! Maybe Mich can get some dignity back.

  22. Patti says:

    I love the song and would love to be able to share it with others….You have to put the whole version out there!!!

  23. Steve says:

    LOVE IT! You guys HAVE to make that available! I’d pay for it!

  24. Natalie says:

    PLEASE put this on itunes so I can download it!!!! 🙂

  25. nicole says:

    idk if im losing vision but where is the song on the web site?

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      You can hear the snippet here: The full length version can be heard by listening live online or tuning your FM Dial to 99.5 WYCD! We are playing it every hour! Or you can call in your requests to 313-298-1999! Thanks for visiting WYCD.COM!

      1. Patti says:

        I’ve been listening online while I’m at work and it hasn’t been played every hour. I believe it was only played once from 10am – 1pm. It would be great if it was played every hour or better yet, if you made it available to at least those in the VIP club.

      2. Ashley says:

        I pray Lindsay Lohan is next.

      3. Andrea says:

        So great! Thanks for sharing

  26. kd says:

    I would gladly pay for the whole “Detroit Prays for Kwame” version….perhaps a part of the proceeds could go towards the legal fees to keep Mr. Kilpartrick IN JAIL 🙂
    LOVE IT ….. LOVE IT …… LOVE IT ….

  27. Jeff says:

    I realize Grunwald was involved in the creation of this song, but the way it plays at the end, it sounds like WYCD want’s Grunwald to be in the slammer with Kilpatrick? That’s worse than when Grunwald had to get back from central Africa with $99.50!

  28. nicole says:

    that song is the great i love it
    he got what was comeing to him

  29. Cherie' says:

    I LOVE THE SONG!!! Had 99.5 on all office radios today and just kept listening for it. Kwayme got what he had coming to him and it took a long time coming. anyone else on probation or parole would have long since been violated and sent to prison. It does not matter who he WAS, all he is now is a convicted felon. And he will be one of the know it all types in prison who will most likely end up having to reach down to pick up the soap eventually. Guys in prison don’t like guys like Kwayme. If you are interested in tracking him, just to see what prison he might be at or you can even write him a letter, hate mail is always nice to get in jail lol scroll down, click I agree, the put Kilpatrick in on the search part, his whole MDOC record shows up, how much time he got, where he is currently being housed as of today he is still at Charles Engeler Reception And Guidance Center but he wont stay there, that’s quarantine and he will be moved elsewhere. Maybe in the general population, I hope he ends up at Macomb Regional Facility so I can have him in one of my substance abuse classes. I think he needs some more education. The song so fits, hope we can buy it? Maybe on iTunes?

  30. Cherie' says:

    sorry had to comment again, I just looked at Kwayme’s MDOC page and guess what? He entered prison on his 39th birthday. Happy Sucky Birthday sucker. You owe the City of Detroit more than money you owe us all an apology and proof that you will change your ways. So far you think you are the million dollar life person, now you are the scumbag of Detroit. You need to learn to humble yourself and realise that you fu***ed up and be done with it. Stop trying to get your way out of a situation that you yourself put yourself in. Own up to the things you did, like the Manoogian party that shhhhh never was, Get honest first with yourself and then with everyone else. I pray your wife decides she is better off without you,. God knows she can do much better, you are not the king of Detroit, but rather, the slum of Michigan and the entire county.
    ok I will shut up now

  31. pb says:

    I luved it!!! I purchased the original song on i tunes but will glady pay for the detroit verison.!!! Maybe someone will have the courage to come forward about the manogian party/ homicide he was behind!!! Since he’s behind bars..

  32. Krista Wolter says:

    Not sure who made this video… It was definitely much more powerful to listen to this song while watching Kwame in handcuffs tonight but for all those wanting the full Detroit version this link was posted on the Official Jaron and the Long Road to Love Facebook Page 20 minutes ago…

  33. Krista says:

    Just posted on Jaron and the Long Road to Love Facebook Page

  34. Lisa says:

    Karma is a b!tch, ain’t it?

  35. Michael Payne says:

    How do I get a CD Copy of Kwame Kilpatrick song Pray for You. I love this song & I got to have it.

    Michael Payne
    350 Kenyon Dr.
    Troy, Michigan

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      You most likely have to wait until Jaron decides to release it.

  36. Betsy says:

    I can’t wait to hear the whole thing! My son is an attorney and just called to tell me he just heard it on the radio. I tried to get the whole thing, but can only get the snippet. Thank was enough to make me laugh! I just hope Kwame hears it soon!!

  37. Tracy says:


  38. Dawn says:

    I love this song and the original too. Thank God for song writers, you write and sing what a lot of us are thinking and would like to do – but don’t.

    Kwame I hope your loving your new arrangements

  39. Lil Ms Me says:

    Hopefully Jaron will release this he will make the money from all the Kwame haters. So call him up and tell him we all love the song.

  40. Lisa says:

    This has to be the funniest song I ever heard. I thought Jaron and the Long Road to Love had the funniest song (Pray For You) but they out did themselves by re-creating this one. This would be a hit in any town, but, we as Detroiter’s, will always give this one a thumbs up and lots of laughs. It has to be released in it’s entirety on the web. TY WYCD for your broadcast of this song on the air! It made my day!!

  41. Susan says:

    I SOOOO want to play this for some people at work. Please post the whole song !!!!!!

  42. Jackie says:

    Hey how can I download the song from the website????

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      Not available for download. Jaron has the rights to that, so it will be his decision (or his record label)

  43. Rochelle Gotham says:

    I love both songs. but this one was great. it cracked up the whole family and is now the favorite song for ages to come

  44. Ray doughty says:

    This song is great I laughed so hard when I heard it play today. Go WYCD!

  45. jody says:

    Can you notify me when a download is avalible?

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      It is available now!

  46. Katherine says:

    I can’t wait for this rendition to be released! Loved the original, Love this one more!

    Please keep us informed, would love to send this to our loved ones in michigan! Even my loved ones in Texas!

    1. 99.5 WYCD says:

      This is available for download now!

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