solider opt Thanks For Your Service Soldier...Now Go To The End Of The Line!A young soldier is running late to catch a plane at DFW Airport. A gentleman offers the soldier to come to the front of the line as a courtesy. You won’t believe how one MORON and her husband reacted to this offering!

I am RARELY speechless….but what I witnessed on my way back home from my daughter’s graduation in Dallas Texas, left me with my jaw wide open! When a young soldier dressed in his Army fatigues, obviously flustered and about to miss his flight back home, was ushered to the front of the security check point, a woman and her hubby at the front of the line, told him, “you can go wait at the back of the line like the rest of us, WE could miss OUR flight if we let people like you go first”EVERYONE else in line, myself included, were APPALLED by her behavior.

 What would YOU have said or done in that situation?

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  1. Sandy Abel says:

    I would of told her it’s because of his service to our country that you have the right to even stand in this line, so get over it lady you are out numbered in this line.

  2. Dan from Waterford says:

    People LIKE YOU are what is so wrong with America!!! Keep your pitiful opinions between you and your Moron Husband…

  3. DAVID says:

    Disrespectful and Pathetic!!! Those two should have their freakin head’s checked!!!

  4. Tracy says:

    My 18 year old son is currently in the army, stationed in KY. I think I would have told her that many have died and that my son and many others are willing to die just to give her the right to have her opinion. If she can’t show a little kindness to someone willing to fight and die for her rights and freedom then she should get the hell out of this country.

  5. L. Troppman says:

    I would have let the soldier in the front of the line. The women who made the scene should be ashamed of herself for making such a scene. What if had been her son trying to get home.

  6. Laura Clark, Chelsea says:

    Whenever faced with a person acting like a …butthead, I would always say loud enough for them to hear, “boy, I sure am glad that my momma raised me RIGHT!!. When my kids were younger and witnessed such things, I would tell them that they would be getting smacked around if they ever acted like that.

  7. wendy says:

    I would have asked “For Real, r u for real? What is wrong with u? Do u live in this country? Where have u been for the last 8 years? Wow, r u for real lady? It’s because of him u can fly on this dam airplane.”That is what I would say.

  8. Suzanne says:

    My daughter serves in the US Air Force and having lived in Texas I have spent many hours at DFW watching Airmen and women on their way home from basic training in San Antonio. I have bought many lunches and dinners for these brave men and women who fight for our freedom. I would have happily walked that young man to the front of the line and then taken 5 minutes (probably more like 15 minutes) explaining calmly … and quietly what ignorant a** h**** they are. And how I prayed they could exprience just five minutes in Iraq or Afghanistan .. at the end of a terrorist rifle… fighting for the freedom of someone like them.

  9. Barb from Waterford says:

    I probably would have gone up to her looked her right in the eye and slapped her very ignorant face! She should be very ashamed of herself,that young soldier should have automatically been able to go to the front of the line without question! She should get down on her knees and ask forgiveness. What would we do without brave young men like him. I am sickened by her and her husbands behavior and at the very least should have been escorted out of the area immediately by security. That soldier should Never have to hear anything of that nature in his own country! Every soldier should be thanked for his or her dedication to our country, a country that seems as if it is falling apart right before our very eyes,no thanks to people like that woman.

  10. Susan says:

    I would have given the soldier the first place in line and shuffled the woman and her husband to the back of the line. She has no idea what these men and women go through. I hope she did miss her flight and the soldier got to his flight on time. God Bless our Servicemen and Women.

  11. Julie from Howell says:

    I would of told that woman and her husband that my two brothers and this wonderful soldier fight for your freedom every day and if the most thank you you could ever give is a chance for this soldier to catch his plane and go home then so be it. GET OVER IT!

  12. Kinnie says:

    I personally would have detained the couple as terrorists, that or dragged them out the front door and showed them a little Red, White, and Blue Patriotism

  13. Dave says:

    1. If I was the security officer at the gate, I would have held the couple for another inspection of both there carry on and checked bags.
    2. As a former member of the Military, I would have either told them, “I sorry, but I am required to be on the same flight as the body of a Soldier who died protecting you, so I may return him home, to his parents.” or “I’m sorry which Terrorist Cell did you say you belong too?”

  14. Barb says:

    I would have continued to allow a lot of other people to go ahead of her just to prove a point and keep her waiting.

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