Van Der Sloot Confesses….But What About Natalie?

Joran Van Der Sloot was the prime suspect in two murders … the murders of Natalie Holloway and Stephany Flores Ramirez. He has CONFESSED to killing Stephany…..but what about Natalie?

Van der Sloot was arrested in Chile late last week and was taken to Peru for court. The 22-year-old has confessed to one of the two murders, reports CNN. “Van der Sloot and Flores had returned to his hotel room after meeting at a casino. Officials say Van Der Sloot went out to get some coffee and found her reading his computer when he returned. He became enraged, investigators said, and beat her to death. Her neck was broken.

While one family can begin to get the closure they’ve been seeking, I feel SO SORRY for Natalie’s family, in that they may never have that closure, after their daughter “disappeared” 5 years ago while on vacation in Aruba.

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