Dixie Chicks News… Good And Bad

[lastfm]Natalie Maines[/lastfm]’ husband got some news this week ..and you won’t believe who [lastfm]Martie Maguire[/lastfm] had a psychic encounter with:

Natalie’s husband, Heroes actor [lastfm]Adrian Pasdar[/lastfm], was sentenced for the DUI he got back in January. 36 months probation, a $395 fine. Plus, he has to attend AA meetings and go to an alcohol education class.

Martie, on the other hand, celebrated her 40th birthday by going to a [lastfm]Cher[/lastfm] concert. Martie used some connections to get into the meet-and-greet. At the end of it, Cher said, “Ok, who’s turning 40?”” Martiie said, “A reluctant me.” And that’s when Cher took her aside and told her she was having a psychic premonition that this would be Martie’s best year ever.” The whole conversation was a “life-changing” moment for Martie. She said it gave her new confidence.

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