line dancingrs Is Line Dancing Sexy Or Annoying?

From Coyote Joe’s to Country Night at Comerica Park, guys and girls are spankin’ the planks on a nightly basis. It seems that the vote on line dancing is split. Either you love it or…

hate it. Whats not to love? Your out there giggin’ with your buds to anything from [lastfm]Brooks & Dunn[/lastfm] to “Born To Boogie” from[lastfm] Hank Williams JR.[/lastfm].

Meanwhile, off to the side, the others are hatin’. Comment’s run from “they’re showing off” to “they’re clogging up the dance floor with…well…their clogging!” What side are you on?

Is it sexy or annoying?

Comments (2)
  1. Ashley says:

    If the chicks are hot, it’s hot. Simple. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It looks fun.

  2. jb says:

    Linedancing has it’s pros and cons, I will just focus on the pros right now, It has always and will always be a part of country music, you will have your people that abuse it, but alway the other way around, when an entire floor is full of linedancers, you the get idiots that go right into the center of them and start dancing like idiots, Those drunk people will have their time as the music progresses to what they want to hear. Linedancing is about, meeting people, and bringin single people, couples, groups, together that normally, would be awkward to meet at any other type of club, some girls are tired of trying to dance at hip hop places, and have guys come up behind them and grind them, it creates a small family atmosphere, to meet people that enjoy doing the same thing, it makes it so much easier to meet people. I gurantee those that do hate it, still do the hustle and the cupid shuffle (those are linedances as well). You goto any of the other larger country clubs around the country, and you will see. Vegas and Atlanta especially yet their dance floors and built to accomodate LARGE crowds to make everyone happy, I would say here in Michigan is where most people have some kind of issue with it, it’s because they just don’t understand or are just ignorant towards it, I always see people trying to do it, and it might not be there think. What always makes me laugh is that some places get annoyed with linedancing, yet don’t they know when they come to a country bar that’s what is done. Last thing, It is great excercise, and if just bopping back and forth is more your thing, that’s ok too. Alot of people hate it becuase people thing they are uncordinated or don’t have the guts to get out and try it, and that’s ok. But don’t knock it until you have tried it. For some it’s fun for a few weeks, for other it’s a lifetime.

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