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It’s sad enough that Corporal Rob Deering gave his life for his country. It’s what his sister did with his medals that will leave you appalled. Read on:

mediterranean cruise Dr Dons Shocking Story Of The Day

British Marine Corporal Rob Deering died in battle in Afghanistan, leaving everything he had to his oldest sister. She loved her brother so much that she took his uniform and his four war medals …and sold them on eBay. The unemployed 37-year-old said she needed the money to provide for her 14-month old son. Specifically, provide him with …a Mediterranean Cruise. Elaine Deering says her brother would have wanted her to do that. After hearing the story, the man who bought the medals gave them back… to Corporal Deering’s fiancée.

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  1. Teresa Pierson says:

    This is truly appalling! He gave is life for his country and she should be proudly displaying his medals not selling them for a cruise for her 14-month old son?????

  2. Becky A says:

    I am so glad that the man gave them back to his fiance. It is people like THAT that make this world go ’round.

  3. K.T. says:

    OMG doesn’t begin to describe this! I have relatives and friends that have served, and the thought of disrespecting ANY service member makes me sick! I hope people read this and chase her out of town in humiliation at the very least!

  4. Debi says:

    at least someone has a heart ,the Medals should have gone to his fiancee or Parents.

  5. Linda says:

    so glad the 14-month old enjoyed this cruise so much. I’m sure he’ll remember it for a lifetime as a gift from his uncle. REALLY?? What is wrong with people?? Rest in peace Rob Deering.

  6. Linda says:

    Like the 14-month old is going to remember the cruise! REALLY?? What is wrong with people? Rest in peace Rob Deering.

  7. Marge Woodman says:

    That is just an unimaginable thing that Corporal Deering’s sister did and I am so happy that the person that bought them was caring enough to come forward and give them to his fianc’ee.. that is awesome!! He should also make Corporal Deering’s sister pay back the original amount that he paid her!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sharon P says:

    I try not to judge, but what a B, I hope she got sun burned and sea sick!

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