International Comic-Con 2010! It’s A Wrap!

"Bartman" Photo by Anthony Tran

HOLY GUERILLA-STYLE JOURNALISM, BATMAN! We came, we saw, we walked and walked and walked and walked… but did we conquer? You tell us once you’ve read our highlights from the fantastical world of Comic-Con 2010 – in no particular order – wrapped with a bow, from us to you:

The lingering question on the table is will Comic-Con International choose to stay in it’s San Diego home? With over $163 million in revenue that this years event brought to the City, you can see why Anaheim and Los Angeles – the two biggest contenders – have made serious bids to entice organizers. While reports are still conflicting, the San Diego Business Journal suggests that San Diego is already signed up through 2012 and City Officials are currently focusing to keep Comic-Con in San Diego through 2015. A press conference and announcement are expected later this week with over 400 local business proprietors being the most eager to hear the result.

CBS Interactive Reporters Tim Mudd, Anthony Tran, Cristy Westfall, Cathy Meixner and Jennifer Temple contributed to this piece.

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