death penalty Should Michigan Have Death Penalty?

A federal jury who convicted Timothy Dennis O’Reilly on Tuesday of six felony counts, including murder, from a 2001 robbery, will decide on Monday, whether he should spend “life in prison” or face the death penalty by lethal injection.  Do you think Michigan should have the death penalty?

While Michigan was the first state to ban capital punishment in 1847, an exception included, that the sentence can still be imposed for certain federal crimes, including murder during a bank robbery. The last execution in Michigan, was in 1938 when a Hamtramck man, also convicted of murder during a bank robbery, was hanged.

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  1. Ann Kuriluk says:

    If it were a family member of mine who was killed, I know i would want justice. I just don’t know if the death penalty is the way to go.

  2. nicole says:

    why thats just the easy way out make em rot in prison so they have a long time to think of how stupid they are

  3. linda says:

    i feel it would stop alot of the crime in this state it may make them think twice and it would end the free ride on tax payers and stop prison over crowding

  4. Theresa J says:

    there isn’t any punishment for criminals anymore, some have it real easy, when they are released, they’re not reformed they’re still evil. 3 meals a day, don’t have to work if they don’t want to, shelter from the elements, medical, what’s the deal???? Child abuser, killer….without a shadow of a doubt, yes, death. This money could be used for the victims, homeless, etc..jail is just a waiting period to get out and do it again. Hell has different degrees of punishment, why can’t the prisons?

  5. Linda McLaughlin says:

    after fallowing the case of Dominick Calhun and what that child had to endure in the hands of the mothers boyfriend… oh yes we need the death penalty. Maybe we would have less child killers and other crimes.

  6. Ashley says:

    Sure, it is nice to think that these pathetic criminals will actually “rot” in there but MOST prisoners live quite the good life in prison. Some of them even live a better life than some of the “good” people in the world. I say, get rid of them. In my opinion, it is not the easy way out; it is justice. Tit for tat. DEATH PENALTY 100%.

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