Want Rascal Flatts Or Keith Urban To Play At Your House?

Want [lastfm]Rascal Flatts[/lastfm] to play your birthday party? [lastfm]Keith Urban[/lastfm] to sing at your wedding? Here’s what it’ll cost you:

The Smoking Gun website is revealing the minimum amount top stars will play for. Usually, with ticket sales and merchandise sales, they’ll make a lot more. But the next time you see them at the Palace or DTE you’ll know why they smile the whole time they’re performing:

$487,500 for [lastfm]Keith Urban[/lastfm]

$40,000 for [lastfm]Kellie Pickler[/lastfm]

[lastfm]Kris Allen[/lastfm] is yours for $12,500

[lastfm]Chris Young[/lastfm]: $7,500

[lastfm]Steve Azar[/lastfm]:  Actually, if he likes you, he’ll play for dinner and a round of golf. Kidding. Just checking to see if Steve’s paying attention.

And finally, here’s what it costs for country’s current top-earning band:

Joe Don, Gary and Jay will set you back $702,500

Best thing to do is to get four or five of your friends to go together and hope you have enough for [lastfm]Jypsi[/lastfm]. Kidding.

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