Jamey Johnson Live And “In Color” At The Fillmore!

99.5  WYCD welcomes [lastfm]Jamey Johnson[/lastfm] to The Fillmore on Friday, September 17th for the WYCD Pre-Birthday Bash Party! You’ll be sure to hear all his great new hits live as Jamey goes on the road to promote his 25 track double album The Guitar Song, to be released on September 14th!

[lastfm]Jamey Johnson[/lastfm] Live and “In Color” at The Fillmore in Detroit on Friday, September 17th at 7:30 p.m.

Take advantage of a limited number of 6 packs!  6 tickets for $99 (Get ’em while they last!)

Tickets are on sale now!

Jamey Johnson‘s next album is shaping up to be an epic. The Guitar Song will be a double disc record, a twenty-four part journey from darkness to redemption, and Johnson trailed it yesterday with first single “Playing The Part.”

Last.fm Trends had a look at Johnson’s albums to date to see how popular he is among Last.fm listeners.

It’s Johnson’s two major releases that have caught the attention of his 48,838 listeners on Last.fm. With 260,671 scrobbles to date, is it The Dollar or That Lonesome Song that comes out on top?

That Lonesome Song is way ahead, with around six times the listeners and scrobbles of The Dollar. Can The Guitar Song stay on trend? Last.fm Trends will be there to find out.

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