crosswalk e1284465362476 Dr Dons Rant Of The Week

I’m so mad I want to stick a fork into my forehead and hang a song on it that says “I’m done.”

crosswalk2 e1284468736167 Dr Dons Rant Of The Week

So, there I stood at a crosswalk. I dutifully pushed the button to get the walk signal. It lit up and I tried to cross the street. Nothing doing. Nobody would stop. So, I got back up on the curb and hit the button again. Same thing happened, again. The third time, I just said “the heck with it” and started walking when the walk sign came on. One guy flipped me off, another woman went clear into the other lane to drive around me and a third guy stopped, then inched forward until he pushed me out of his way.  While he was doing that, another car went behind me. The walk sign was on the whole time.   Isn’t this against the law or something?

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  1. Tracie says:

    I believe it is against the law. The pedestrian has the right a way as long as the walk light is on. I had an incident where I waited for pedestrian to cross when her light was lite and the guy behind me was yelling, cussing, honking the horn, drove beside me with his window down flipping me off, cussing me out and screaming at me for a whole mile. I kept my window up and ignored him. Nest time I will get license plate and report them.

  2. Nicky says:

    yeah, you are in the right Dr. Don. Next time just let them hit you… (it doesn’t have to be hard). After hitting a pedestrian i doubt they will rush you across again.

    1. Dr Don says:

      I should have just played hurt and sued for a big insurance settlement! 😉

  3. Marge Woodman says:

    Yes, it is against the law and I really can’t believe sometimes how many ignorant people there are out there!!!! Ignorant people who are in a hurry tend to make me move slower… go ahead hit me… I’ll come out the winner and then you may think twice about hitting a pedestrian!!!! On the other hand you may very well be a pedestrian hoping no hits you!!!!

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