Survivor Nicaragua

It’s that time, again. A new season of Survivor. This time, it’s Old vs. Young. And Coach Jimmy Johnson is one of the contestants. How long does he last? What happens? Anyone get naked? Who makes the Final Three?  Get all of these answers right here.

Jimmy Johnson

If you thought Jimmy didn’t look very thin on Fox’s NFL Sunday, this week …well, there’s a reason. He doesn’t last terribly long. He’ll be out of contention before the Lions are. Third week.  Some other predictions I’ve gathered from a bunch of spoiler boards:

First challenge involves getting the “Medallion of Power.” THEN the tribes are formed into old vs young. The young group gives the medallion to the other group in return for a flint.
Survivor Nicaragua Wendy Jo
+ Wendy Jo (above) is the first to go home. [GOT THAT RIGHT!]
+ Brenda dodges a very early bullet
+ NaOnka and one other girl quit after the merge but are still on the jury.
+ NaOnka has an idol when she quits and might give it to Chase
+ Two females are sent home in one episode. Happens before the merge [CORRECT]
+ Jimmy Johnson goes home on the third week. [YESSIR]
+ Marty gives an idol to Matt.
+ Brenda is betrayed by NaOnka.
+ A couple of Survivors  win a lot of immunity challenges
Survivor Nicaragua Chase Brendabrenda lowe survivor nicaragua e1284500345854 Dr Dons Survivor: Nicaragua Spoilers
+ Chase and Brenda (above) were an item even before shooting began. [Looks like we got that right too]
+ Of the 8 people sent home pre-jury, 2 are 30 or under, and 6 are over 40.
+ Final three speculation: Chase, Jud and Sash.  All male final three for the first time. Brenda might go as far as final 4.
Here’s everyone’s guess as to the order players are voted off. Hang on to this and you’ll look like a genius at work:
(subject to change to fit my weekly predictions)
1.  Wendy Jo [CORRECT]
2.  Tyrone [OOPS, it was Shannon]
3.  Jimmy Johnson [CORRECT]
4.  Jimmy T [CORRECT]
5.  Tyrone [CORRECT]
double boot:
6.  Yve  7. Kelly B  (dual boot) [CORRECT]
8.  Jill [CORRECT]
12. Alina [CORRECT]
11. Marty [CORRECT]
10. Brenda
9.  NaOnka quits
8.  Ben
7.  Kelly S
6.  Holly
5.  Dan
4.  Jane
FINAL THREE:  Chase, Jud, Matt

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