girls cheerleading team opt When Mom Complains About Booty Cheer: 6 Year Old Is Booted Off Team!

Holy cow….this has made national news now! When my daughter Gina was a little girl, she had a BLAST on a little girl’s cheerleading team! They never did any ‘racy cheers’ or talked about shaking their ‘booties’! Jennifer Tesch did not think it was appropriate for her 6-year-old daughter to be chanting, ‘”Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right.”  Her complaint, along with the fact she took the story to channel 7 Action News, ended up with her daughter being kicked off the cheer team!

The Madison Heights Wolverine flag football cheer team, did not appreciate Jennifer Tesch’s criticism of one of their cheers, that she felt was too “risqué” for 6-year-olds to be chanting. After she was not able to convince them to remove the risqué’ cheer, she took her case to WXYZ. Instead, the league removed her daughter Kennedy from the cheerleading team, stating that what Tesch did by going to the media “cast a bad light on the league and she should have handled it internally.”

Jennifer  told FoxNews: “I don’t even have the words. I can’t believe their solution to this was to remove my daughter from the team. She’s going to be devastated. She’s going to be crying.”

What do YOU think about this?

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  1. Nate says:

    Dirty. Dirty. Dirty. This is Horrible

  2. Brian Woodruff says:

    Good with saying like that maybe it’s a good thing she is off the team. I’m sorry it has to be that way.

  3. Laurie Jarvis says:

    I read on a comment board that someone who knew of this cheer and cheered 20 years or so ago said it was NEVER meant for performing in front of anyone. It was meant as a stress reliever and done only to get them pumped up to practice. They would do it, then laugh hysterically about it and practice. I think all of those parents that are allowing their 6 years olds to perform this should have their heads examined. Children learn things so much earlier now that parents are showing they condone this. When their kids start dancing seductively at dances in 6-7 years are they going to be okay with this too? Our actions tell our children what is right & wrong and the wrong message is going out to these little girls

  4. Dawn says:

    The Madison Heights flag football cheer team was wrong to kick the girl off the cheer team. It is their fault that the mother took it to the media. The cheer is too suggestive for 6 year old girls let alone teen to be doing. Cheers are meant to make the fans cheer louder not bring predators to little girls doors.

  5. datGurl! says:

    i think she was right to complain. these are little girls not grown women. now if some pervert was sittin in the bleachers salivatin while they cheerin with those short skirts on and the racy words theyd be shocked and appalled and callin the police.

    it was stupid and immature of them to drop her from the squad over this. what they should have done was never used/created a cheer like that for little girls barely out of kindergarten…

  6. Ravyn says:

    So we have our little girls play it up to the pedophiles and learn they are just objects. Did anyone see the video. The “innocent” looking costumes above isn’t what the had her in. The v-neck is shown was something no high school would approve. So why is it okay for our babies. Someone seriously needs to look at who/what is running the decisions.

  7. Peaches says:

    This cheer has been around for over 40 years. I’ve seen girls as young as 2 YOA dancing and trying to ‘cheer’ to it. As a matter of fact, this isn’t as “racy” as some the little tiny cheerleaders do! When will people realize that “cheering”, like dancing, is easily perverted into something sexual and offensive by poor instructors and parents who think that prepubescent sexuality is “cute”?

    1. Linda Lee says:

      I find it hard to believe that the term ‘shake our booties’ has been around for 40 years??? That is CLEARLY a sexual type reference, in MY opinion, but it’s just my opinion. I woudl NOT want my 6 year old saying that at all, period. There are LOTS of GREAT cheers, like the ones my daughter did when she was age 6, that were ‘age appropriate’ and ‘cute’ !!

    2. Mel says:

      “The word in English literally means a profit or prize acquired in common as part of plunder or loot. Ill gotten gains or those acquired by criminal means are known as booty as well, so are the rewards gained by the victor in battle. Usually these gains required the use of violence and were acquired through force.
      In a perverse sense booty has come to acquire a sexual connotation as well.” And we now use this word to describe a females backside???

  8. r_u_serious says:

    oh please. i had 2 daughters go through this organization. they both did this cheer. i never ever thought anything perverse about it in the least. they are bot very succesful level headed high students with a/b grades. the part that is not being reported is that ms. tesch had an opportunity to have her daughter sit out the cheer if she did not like the words. she then had the opportunity to go the the board of directors to discuss her concerns. she did neither. instead, she went to the media. she broke several code of conducts ethos that each and every parent has to sign. and that is why her daughter got SUSPENDED not kicked off the team.
    the Madison heights little Football League does so much for the community each and every year. they hold a toy drive for underpriviledged youth. allow kids to play and cheer for free who’s parents cant afford the registration fee. and teach over 200 boys and girls the fundamentals of football and cheerleading.

    1. Joe says:

      You are stupid if you think that any of this is okay. Crawl back in your hole with you unedcutate opinion and let you kids run around trampy and ignorant.
      You think it is fine because you had 2 daughters go through it. Great, so because your kids got to cheer about their booties and tight skirts that is fine? Get real! I have a daugther and it is appauling that anyone would put their children in that situation and think it is okay. I think now you feel remorse and that is why you opinion is the way it is. I feel bad for your children with your misguided judgement.
      Fundamentals – haha you are teaching the wrong things in this circumstance and if you can’t see that then you are blind. Put it to a national vote or just look at the opinions on the message boards. You are one of very few. No one in their right mind thinks this is okay. It should have been corrected right away and appoligized for. It is not that they were ignorant, it is the fact that they dwell in their ignorance and refuse to fix the problem.

      1. r_u_serious says:

        joe, you called me uneducated, but you spelled the word wrong. funny how tough you are behind a keyboard. say something about my kids and it is on brother. name the time and place

    2. i am serious says:

      i said this cheer 20 years ago. 20 years ago i was also encouraged to sell candy door to door, run all over the mall without my parents and we never slept with our doors locked. times have changed and i think that most of the world has moved progressively forward. i am not going to applaud the squad for doing the things that they are supposed to do such as allowing underpriviledged kids to participate or holding toy drives. these are the things that community organizations are supposed to do. i am a teacher and i am disgusted to hear kids talk about booties and sex and licking it like a lollipop ala’ little wayne. we are raising a generation of oversexed kids. it may not be our fault. it’s all over the tv and radio 24-7. the chant is stone age. it is time to get rid of it. it’s not even all that cute. can’t you come up with anything better. the coach can’t find one other cheer to replace it with? i mean, lyrically it’s no gold trophy. no one in a serious squad or anyone in a squad over the age of 8 even says things like this. you wouldn’t hear this cheer being said in jr- high or high schools. i wonder why that is….. oh, i know. because the school wouldn’t allow it since it’s suggestive and inappropriate. and if it was a school allowing it to happen. they would have a fire burning under their tight skirts. really- what do you want to teach these kids? maybe it is time to hang it up and move forward. cheering is a sport. can’t someone take a minute to teach these girls something good? i would really rather my kid not say it. like i said- i chanted this same cheer years ago when i was a kid. our community organization pulled this chant years ago bc of the words. i live right outside of new orleans. i think this organization should move forward. come out of the dark ages. see what other communities have their kids saying. my friend runs a cheer competion school. she says no one in this area even has kids saying this anymore. so yeah. i’m serious. and so is over half the country that agrees with mrs. tesch. punishing a yr old. the parents and people that made that decision and all who agree… well, you’re a bunch of a**holes now, aren’t you?

      1. i am serious says:

        oh, and i was a volunteer for the girls squad when this chant was pulled here. i was in my early 20’s and we never had our little girls saying it anyway. there’s so much more that we could be teaching them than how to gyrate their hips.

    3. MGR says:

      Just because the League performs “good” works does not mean it is ok for 6 year old girls to be performing suggistive cheers. Shame on you for not thinking this is wrong. In a perfect world children are safe, but we do not live in a perfect world. And little girls cheering suggestive cheers would be attractive to a predator. Shame on the League for not monitoring the cheerleading coach and putting the blame on the parent.

    4. Den says:

      I live in Madison Heights and my kids play sports with the city- This is wrong and embarrassing! The coach was a complete embarrassment on the radio. She is out of control and should be removed from working with children. If you can’t even go on radio and speak calm, level headed words, you have a problem. These people should have said, “you know, the parents and children are what is important. ” If one objected- get rid of the dumb cheer. What is the big deal?! How selfish and thoughtless of them.

    5. MeMySelf@I says:

      She went to the coach, and the board, and got no
      reasonable response. You dont know what your talking about.
      She tried to addres it internally, she took her complaint to the coach, the committee and the league. And got told to take it or leave it. She broke no code of conduct, she just embarrased the team and the coach. That is the real reason they kicked the girl off the squard. They fired the coach, that ought tell you something. The coach was out of line as well. The team, the coach, the league,and YOU, are so out of touch,the girl doesn’t need to be exposed to people like you.

  9. Ann Alexie says:

    I think the mother was right and the cheerleading squad was wrong. Where are the rest of you moms of the other girls? Why aren’t you standing behind the mother who complained? Don’t you care?

    1. Linda Lee says:

      I SO agree with you Ann! I completely agree with this Mom!

  10. John says:

    Hahaha, Wow! To all the people freaking out about “rancy” Perverted thoughts. I think you need to get your head straight. If your getting perverted thoughts form a 6 year old saying bootie? I worry about you. You might as well ban the kids from watching 95% of child shows/movies. and ban them from school. Or might as well plug their eyes and tape their eyes closed. Get real.

    1. Heather says:

      John, it’s not the 6 and 7 year old kids that are salivating and surfing the web for little boys and girls saying garbage like this and dancing around in suggestive clothing. It’s the adult creeps that get off on things like this. No, I don’t want my 6 year old to be saying this OR hearing this, but if the problem were limited to what kids SAY in just ordinary situations, we wouldn’t have that big of a problem. Its what older people, mostly older men see and do to young girls these days. This type of sexualized behavior is not cute or acceptable anymore. Yeah, it is a different world, and unfortunately that world has a lot more sick and violent individuals right in our own neighborhoods. Parents need to step it up just like this mom did, and I applaud her for doing so.

    2. Den says:

      Was there nothing better to cheer about?? Seriously?? These girls are six, and if you can’t see it wasn’t appropriate- there is not much we can say to you.

  11. lisa says:

    This is disgraceful that these parents would want their 6 year old to say this. And they wonder why they’re pregnant at 15, roflmao. Finally one mother stood up for morality and the others hurt her child to retaliate. I’d like to see where these kids are in 20 years. Who’s a working middle class citizen like their moms, and who’s living in a bar. Somehow, I already know the answer.

  12. Michelle Searer says:

    This cheer is a standard cheer that many organizations, even Pop Warner has used for quite some time. Our parents and coach changed the words so it did not use the same words. It’s as simple as that….no one manadates a particular cheer’s words of motions for htat matter. It could have easily been modified and all this could have been avoided. Not to mention breaking the little girls heart when her parents were trying to do what they thought was right. I’m happy to see the coach has been removed….her use of the word “lunatic” to describe the mother was also inappropriate.

    1. Michelle Searer says:

      and furthermore…what in the world does this cheer have to do with spirit and crowd participation to get everyone to cheer on the team. Hello?! Complaining about our backs aching and tight skirts isn’t sportsmanlike anyway..let;’s forcus on our team and cheer them on to victory.

  13. Joe says:

    Well it seems that the Coach, Lisa Ernest was suspended and then resigned. I think Lisa is a farce for standing up for her opinion and then when she realized she was wrong, folding and quitting. If she had kicked the girl off with cause she would be citing her point and such. By just quitting it makes the Jennifer Tesche look like the bad person and probably will cause her some issues with the people in the town. She clearly realized that she was mistaken in her judgment, but does not have the fortitude to stand up and say so.
    “On 9/15/2010 Lisa Ernest, Head Coach for the Flag Cheer Squad was suspended pending termination during an investigative period. For the benefit of the children, on 9/16/2010, Lisa Ernest resigned her position.”
    “Mrs. Ernest was a volunteer coach for the program, she is not and has never been an elected board member with the organization and had no responsibility in the decision to part ways with the Tesch Family.”

  14. Joe says:

    The unanimous vote to kick a 6 year old off of the team, then probation next year is a shame and speaks volumes of the character of the Madison Heights organization. The Teschs’ have nothing to be sorry for, they are right for disagreeing with those lyrics for a 6 year old. I am glad she went public, this needed exposure. For all of the other parents who wouldn’t speak up on their behalf, shame on you spineless weasels.

    1. Meela says:

      You go Joe!! You’re right! Don’t let “I Am Serious” try to intimidate you. 6 year olds have no business cheering about their “booties”. Just about every community in this country have a pedophile in it, known or unknown, and this is exactly what they want to see. Madison Heights should feel ashamed.

  15. Katie says:

    I wish I could call the mother of this daughter right now to offer her some support. This cheer is completely inappropriate. It’s the 21st century… women dont HAVE to be objects anymore, and I think it is so discouraging and sad to see a primarily female organization purposefully objectifying girls that are only 6 YEARS OLD! Why can’t teaching young girls the “fundamentals of cheerleading” include self-respect and dignity, not “back-achin” and “booty shakin”. Repulsive.

  16. Joe says:

    Madison Heights Wolverines owes this family and ESPECIALLY Kennedy a public and sincere apology.

  17. Connie Grandberry says:

    I think this going to be very hard on this little girl. The school is wrong , wrong. Why are these little girl saying this kind of cheer? This President of this school has no morals or compassion for this little girl. But the mother did the right thing. Maybe something better will come out of this. My prayers go out to the mom and daughter.

  18. Patty says:

    I say God bless this woman and her courage for standing up for what is right! This is so inappropriate for children! So many say, “What’s the big deal?” Maybe if children were not portrayed as “mini-adults” in skimpy outfits and provocative behavior (that is encouraged by adults) maybe, just maybe, fewer would be abused and even murdered by pedophiles who get off on such antics. This nation needs to return to the good moral standards and ethics that it used to have…..before we destroy not only our children, but ourselves as well. I say shame on that cheerleading squad and all of those wishy-washy other parents who at first supported Mrs. Tesch, only to later join the rock-throwers so as to avoid the limelight being cast on them. You bunch of cowards! Shame on you! God bless the Tesch family, especially that sweet little girl. I pray that her parents continue to explain to her as she grows what is right and wrong, and why.

  19. Bea says:

    If the cheer offended a parent, they could have just eliminated it from their repertoire. There are hundreds of cheers to do.

    The mother should not have gone to the media before trying to work it out through other appropriate channels.

    1. MeMySelf@I says:

      She went to the coach, the team and the league first. she DID NOT go to the media first. Only after they refused to change the cheer and told her the 6 year would be punished by having to sit out the cheer, did she go to the media.

  20. Ian says:

    i agree its offensive but the wackos are already condemning mom.
    Un believeable !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. steve says:

    I think 6 year old girls SHOULD NOT

  22. steve says:

    6 year old girls doing cheers about shaking their booty’s is way out of line. No wonder girls want to engage in under age sex and boys want girls to have sex. The cheer should be about the game, not the skirts or booty’s. Any leader of a 6 year old cheer team should be fired for allowing a cheer. Any parent allowing the cheer should not be able to attend. We need to restore some chivelry to our society!!

  23. theresa says:

    I think Linda is wrong, and it is awful to listen to her degrate Chuck and telling him he has know right to an opinion because it doesn’t agree with her. I have three girls and why should other people suffer on what peoples beliefs are. The lady doesn’t like it why ruin it for everyone else just change squads.. This world is full of people who only think of themselves and not others. I have played sports for 35 years of my life and I have seen it all. . If the public is worried about the cheer of shaking their booty then why are the kids watching tv and listening to the radio I’m sorry but even country music talks about drugs,drinking and sex and 6 year old kids listen to that.

  24. Suzanne M says:

    THE FRUSTRATING PART OF THIS WHOLE STORY? – is that you don’t know the whole story – the little girl was not booted from the team because her mom complained. The fact is is that this mom videotaped the cheer at a football game and focused in on some other parent’s child doing the cheer, not her own daughter or the team as a whole but another child and then she released it to Chanel 7. And shame on Channel 7 for releasing it before checking out who was on the tape and whether there was media disclosure from the Wolverine’s it happens that the child video taped did not have a release for video or pictures for domestic issues. This was a violation of the By-laws of the Wolverine’s organization and the parents of the organization voted the child off (yea that’s tough because of her mom’s actions she got kicked off) but what else were they to do? And as for the cheer no matter what age you sign a child up for cheer leading your are either foolish or naive to think that these kind of cheers aren’t taught. I leave it up to the age those girls they don’t understand the sexual component to it so leave it at that and if you saw their uniforms there is nothing sexy about them so that part of it is just blown out of proportion. Personally i would never promote my daughter to cheer there are many other athletic ways to be active in their youth and it stops the nonsense that is taking place over a stupid story like this. I hope you will tell your listner’s the REAL STORY!!!!!

    1. Cheer/Football Mother says:

      I cannot believe that a cheer that is supposed to express that the cheerleaders get some credit for working their tails off for the football players has been taken waaaaay out of context. This cheer has been around for over 30 years and it has not once been questioned. Many other teams in the OMYFA use this cheer and so do many other teams. Maybe the media should have done a little more research into the parent of this little girl and they would have found out that this mother is on a 4 year suspension from being a Madison High School Cheerleading coach who was drinking with her cheer squad. She had posted such pictures (that are now removed) on the internet. I cannot believe that the media has blown this so out of proportion.

    2. MeMySelf@I says:

      They had no busniness punishing the child for the parents actions, or the tv station not doing their job. They were embarassed by the story and needed it to go away. The parent went to the media AFTER the coach, the team, and the league, told her to basically take it or leave it, then when she went to the medai, then they voted her off. You show your true colors by covering for and apologizing for the terrible actions of coach, the team and the league.

  25. Stu Pidface says:

    I haven’t even bothered reading the other comments on this. Is anyone looking at the big picture? What is a six year old doing cheerleading? The parents that are voicing that this is allright are the same ones that can’t figure out why there are so many sex offenders out there. Let them cheer, then let them dance around on the corner of their local 7-11 with their butts hanging out for a “fundraiser” carwash. Maybe then it will guarantee their post-school job at the local strip club. Wake up America!

  26. Kaylee says:

    If you dont like cheer to bad have your daughter sit out it not that big of a deal and the mom took it way out of proportion GRoW UP that cheer has been around for YEARSSS! Maybe she should have asked to look at the cheer list before signing her daughter up! But insted she broke her daughters heart by having her kicked off the team because she didn’t approve! WOW!!

  27. Don Buza says:

    Linda Lee, Does anyone in the media do follow ups or verify stories anymore? The truth is Mrs Tesch did complain about the cheer. She was told that the matter would be heard at the next board meeting. She was also told her daughter did not have to participate if she found it offensive until the matter was resolved. Then Mrs Tesch secretly taped the girls and went to the news before the issue was heard. After the story aired she brought several family members to the next practice and the media and they threatened the coach and tried to insight an incident. Practice had to be cancelled as a result. The cheer was voted on and it was retained by the parents of the other members of the team. The Board did remove the family from the program as the parents violated the parental conduct statement that they signed. This should have been addressed in a manner that was transparent to the children. The parents have only themselves to blame. Like any organization we have a system of redress, and no one has a right to disrupt practice and threaten people regardlesss of the circumstance. This cheer has been performed for decades with no problem from anyone. It is only riscay to those with thin skin. These are our kids. While you may not like the cheer, there is nothing wrong with it. You don’t even have the words right in your story. You raise your kids and we will raise ours. Unfortunately, we have to raise our girls in a society full of people wanting to judge everyone else. You only reinforce that point.

    1. Linda Lee says:

      Thanks for your comment, and opinion about this story. We DO talk ‘in brief’ about ‘current events and local news’ on our show, as obviously, we are not a ‘news intensive radio staion’, country music is our main focus! Our website does allow for folks like YOU to express their opinion, and we DO apprecite you taking the time to express yours!

  28. nelleluvsmusic says:

    I wouldn’t want my daughters to attend that dance class or that school. I think the majority of people must have their head up their …….!! Its just common sense.

  29. Clay Boggess says:

    “Harris says the cheer is a crowd pleaser and says making anything more out of the cheer is outrageous.” Come on! Everyone with a brain and hormones knows that it has underlying connotations. Standards have changed over time to the point that we just accept it as the norm. I admire the girl for standing up for her beliefs and being willing to accept the consequences.

    Clay Boggess

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