samatha jones rs Why Do Single People Stay Single?

Samantha Jones loved sowing her wild oats even though she yearned to find a “soul mate.” If singles vow to be single, why do we continue the dance that leads smack dab in the middle of another relationship? For confirmed bachelors and bachelorettes, at what point do you say “I vow to be alone..for good?” Do we really want to be alone?

kenny chesney rs Why Do Single People Stay Single?

Unlike  a lot of mega stars do, [lastfm]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm] hasn’t married since his divorce with Renee Zellweger. He hasn’t said he’s “confirmed” but with a mansion in Nashville, a home on an island and no deposit on a ring at Zales, he has all of the symptoms of being “confirmed.” Could it be that he just enjoys being single without the responsibilities of dealing with another person?

There is a stigma attached to single people, in that, if you’re single, there is speculation as to why. The fact is, it’s just a choice and nothing more. Married people usually get a pass. People think that if a persons married, someone else can stand them so they must be OK…it’s human nature. Perhaps K-Chez is waiting for his career to wind down or Mrs. Right hasn’t surfaced yet. The most important thing in this thing called life, is to be happy, whether together or alone, it’s a hell of a ride! Stay true to yourself.

Why do you choose to be single?

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  1. christine starks says:

    i feel that there is less headaches and less heartaches,after 23 years of marriage my exhusband called me on sweetest day in 2006 and told me he was seeing someone else………AND THAT IS WHY I AM DIVORCED NOW……I THINK THEREFORE I AM SINGLE

    1. chuckon995 says:

      Christine..I’m sorry that happened to you. Hope you are happy and content!

  2. Greg says:

    Just got of a relationship in which we were planning to move in together, had an apartment picked out, we both had jobs lined up in our new area. She got in a car accident and everything when down hill from there. She was not able to move out/in with me when my job started. Stress of what would be got to be too much. She had doubts, and the relationship lacked trust. Got to the point to where I got upset with her and broke up with her. Things will never be the same. A new relationship is a lot of work and building up that bond is hard to do. Nobody has yet to catch my eye and hold my interest. Wish I was in a relationship, but plans change and I don’t think I am going to find that “someone special” for quite some time. Girls these days play too many games, where you have to act not interested when you really are, and if you’re too interested, then they’re not interested. So, it comes down to the point to where you just have to sit back and let it happen. You can’t actively look for a relationship to find a good one. And who knows when you’ll just so happen to bump into that next someone special; it might be a long time.

    1. chuckon995 says:

      Greg…sounds like you have your head on straight Bro. One day at a time..right?

      1. Greg says:

        Yup, one day at a time for sure.

      2. Greg says:

        In light of the single situation, I know you are playing some Kenny Chesney right now…but “How Forever Feels” would be appropriate! (especially since this website has Kenny as “the Bachelor”)

  3. JB says:

    I have always gone by the theory of “It’s better to be single and happy then with someone and unhappy” and in todays world, being with someone, or trying to find someone that doesn’t cheat, is faithful, or down right just simple committed, seems almost impossible to find, so why deal with the headaches that that stuff comes with. Although as a single person you don’t benefit from anything, it’s harder to make it on your own in this world, trying to find a decent paying job to just pay the bills, is much harder then two people living together, since both parties can get a less per hour job just to make it.

    1. chuckon995 says:

      JB..hang in there. You make some great points.

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