What Happens When You Go To The Grocery Store ‘Hungry?’

When I idle down the grocery aisle on an empty stomach, something magical happens. The Oreos, Doritos, not to mention the Haagen Dazs, leaps from the shelves into my basket. When the magic show ends, I come back to reality. I’m not a twig with an 18 yr old metabolism. Magic sure is fun though isn’t it?

Paris Hilton can get away with stuffing her face. In fact, Paris can get away with anything, as long as it’s Vegas and it’s not really her purse! For the rest of us, its common sense. Dr. Miles Siegenthal, an authority on nutrition advises, “practice eating fruit or smart snack before shopping.” “Never shop without making a list first, so you are not distracted by junk food when you are very hungry.” Great advise Doc, plus with a list, we’ll spend less money…very cool!

What did you binge on the last time you shopped hungry?

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