Blake Shelton To Become Latest ‘Twitter Quitter?

Say it isn’t so Blake! He is the funniest guy ever, especially on Twitter, coming up the most entertaining Tweets, like his [lastfm]Blake Shelton[/lastfm]‘s  ‘Lust Lessons’ for guys. His Tweets have become legendary, often times with hilarious pictures attached.

[photogallerylink id=32974 align=left]Thank goodness….the answer is no, [lastfm]Blake Shelton[/lastfm] is not quitting Twitter,thank goodness, he’s just taking a break. Why? Well DUH…’s hunting season! An avid hunter, he plans to concentrate on hunting and put the Tweets on hold for a spell! And the couple who ‘hunts together, stays together’, gotta love this picture of Blake and Miranda on a ‘date night!’

Maybe when he returns, he’ll take my ‘Tweet Advice’ and give ladies some ‘BS Bust Lessons’…after all, fair is fair, and I was feeling left out! Check out his fiance´ [lastfm]Miranda Lambert[/lastfm]’s ‘nice rack!’

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