lazy guy rs Is Someone You Love Supporting A Freeloader?

He’s been laid off multiple times and has an excuse for every single one. Yet, his rent gets paid, his truck gets paid and he is really good  at Playstation 3.

Who do you know  that is supporting a guy like this?

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  1. vince says:

    Yeah, my 20 yo step-daughter. Quit only job she had, has been raped on an internet date that she willingly had filmed (refuses to file report), crashed her car (which she and her real dad didn’t replacement insurance on – oh, and her druggie boyfriend I uninsured – was driving but bolted fromscene of crime, so she got the ticket. Which went to warrant because she didn’t have a job to pay it), was to start a new job, but got caught shop-lifting, and says everything is everybody else’s fault…

  2. Sebastian says:

    Someone I know is a freeloader. Known him for over 7 years and he has never had a real job. So lazy he never got his licensed renewed but hasn’t had a car in over 7 years. Now he lives with his silver fox and sponges on the government by getting a bridge card. Nothing physically wrong, just seems lazy!

  3. Tiffany says:

    Actually I have a friend who is 26 and a friends who is 25 one has had jobs but has been fired from them and now she refuses to look for a job and so her mom has to support her and she dosent do crap to help out around the house at all and when she is asked to do something by her mother she just rolls her eyes at her! My other friend who is 25 has never worked a day in her life and her parents are having to support her! I dont agree with i mean i live at home but i also help with groceries and work for a living i dont rely on my parents to support me! I truly thinks both of my friends parents need to give them a swift kick and tell them to grow up or get out!

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