Male Bonding Moments: ‘Stupid-Stupid-Stupid!’

My husband Jeff is ‘supposed to be hunting’ with his buddies up north. But he’s not hunting at all, he’s bonding with his friends…aka… drinking, playing cards and apparently, taking his life in his own hands! He called me this morning, to tell me how he and his buddy went on a ‘canoe adventure’  last night in the dark, at 1 o’clock in the morning and tipped over in the freezing cold water!

Stupid, stupid, stupid was my reaction! After probably more than a few beers, Jeff’s friend Stan say’s: Who wants to go on a nightime canoe adventure with me? Of course it would be my hubby who was ‘all in’ and ready to go! Was I surprised to hear that they tipped over almost immediately, and their flashlight sunk to the bottom of the river with the beers they brought ‘for the ride’, in the pitch black night? Nope. Did I feel sorry for him that they both were soaked, freezing and had to paddle in the dark with NO BEER, back to deer camp? NOPE…stupid-stupid-stupid! The only thing I am happy about, is that they dummies did not drown!

What’s the stupidest thing you or your ‘grown man’ did when got together with ‘the boys’ for some male bonding? 

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