nicaragua logo2 e1285682051955 Dr Dons Survivor: Nicaragua Spoilers for 11/17 Wk 10

Closing in on the final episodes of Survivor: Nicaragua and we’re proud of our 9 – 1 spoiler record. So, we’re going out on another limb plus we’ve got an interview with Marty who was sent packing last week.

According to the press release, “The tribe suffers a devastating blow when they find the camp in ashes after a fire, and the loyalty of an alliance is put to the test as Libertad heads to tribal council.” Seems the idiots left their crates too close to the fire and it all went up while they were away at a challenge.

This week’s Reward Challenge seems to involve using a series of barrels to get from one point to another. Teams are chosen to participate in the challenge. The winners get to go volcano surfing. Not sure how much of a reward that is, but if there’s food involved, I’m pretty sure it’s worth winning. And Jane, Chase, NaOnka, Jud and Kelly S win.

This week’s immunity challenge seems to involve rope holding and it’s not clear from the preview videos who wins that.

NaOnka wants Fabio gone, but the rest of the tribe convince her to switch her vote. This is another one of those weeks where all of the spoiler sites agree on who goes home.

So long, Brenda.

brendasurvivor006 e1289918296208 Dr Dons Survivor: Nicaragua Spoilers for 11/17 Wk 10

However, and the sites are unclear about this, once NaOnka realizes what has happened with her vote switch, she knows she’s next and quits the game. Not sure if that happens this week or next.

Last week, Marty went home and we got a chance to talk to him afterward about the game, the contestants and that natty hair of his:

marty1 e1289389737333 Dr Dons Survivor: Nicaragua Spoilers for 11/17 Wk 10

If you want to know how the whole season shakes out, including who makes the Final Three, click HERE.


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