troy opt Troy Gentry Apologizes Again!

[pullquote quote=”I am not proud of what I did and I am truly sorry.” credit=”Troy Gentry”]Troy Gentry from [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Montgomery Gentry[/lastfm] is really sorry, according to a written statement on his website.  How many times should someone have to apologize for something bad that they did 6 years ago, that keeps coming back to haunt them?

AOL’s The Boot reports: In 2006, Troy was charged with a felony for illegally killing a bear held in an enclosure in Minnesota, and claiming it was caught in the wild. Four years later, the killing was brought to the surface again when the animal-rights group, SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness), released a YouTube video of Troy killing the bear. According to the Associated Press, SHARK wanted to bring the issue back to light on the stance that Troy got off too easily.

In a handwritten note posted on his website, Troy says:

“Four years ago, I was charged for illegally tagging and taking the hide of a bear across state lines, for that, I paid a 15,000 dollar fine, served a period of probation and gave up my rights to hunt and fish in the state of Minnesota for a period of five years. At the time, I apologized for the crime committed, but failed to apologize to the public for the unethical way the bear was taken. There is no one who feels as bad about this as I do, I have beaten myself up about this over the years. I made a mistake, a bad decision, and it has been an embarrassment to both me and my family. I have learned my lesson, and have paid a huge price, both personally and professionally. Since this happened, I know in my heart that I am a different and better person. I am not proud of what I did and I am truly sorry,” Troy concludes, signing his name at the bottom.

I decided against posting the YouTube video, as like most animal lovers, I too find it very upsetting and disturbing. My point is, although I agree that what he did was very wrong, when is enough….enough? Is it ‘OK because Troy is a ‘celebrity’ to have this brought up time and time again, year after year?

Is it just and fair, to  judge, re-judge and verbally attack someone who made a terrible mistake years ago? What do you think?

Comments (3)
  1. Bossyred says:

    everyone makes mistakes – it’s what you do afterward that defines your character – Troy has appologized, made restitution and served out his legal consequences – move on SHARK – there have to be other violaters that don’t give a crap and continue to harm animals.

  2. Constance says:

    Enough already.

  3. Allen says:

    Indeed, enough is enough. These activists are exploiting the fact that Troy is famous to humiliate him and to gain more exposure for their extreme causes. He expressed his remorse, that is enough for me.

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