Garth Brooks Exclusive Interview

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With his phone never stopping from ringing,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Garth Brooks[/lastfm] went back on his word, sorta.  Garth vowed to not tour until all 3 of his daughters were in college, but he made a few exceptions.  While backstage at his Jay Leno appearance on the 19th,[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”] Garth Brooks[/lastfm] was kind of enough to call our friends at AOL’s The Boot to give a nice interview about what has been going on:

You put a smile on a lot of fans’ faces when you announced the Vegas shows last year, eight years after announcing your retirement. How did that decision manifest?

I’m going to tell you exactly what happened. I was looking for somebody to help me with charity. I was thinking of Steve Wynn because I had read some stuff about him, and there came a note across my desk that he was looking for me. I thought, “This has to be divine intervention!” So I called him up, and he was looking for somebody to come out and play. So I said, “I’ll go out and talk to him, but I’m not going to come out of retirement, I’m going to use him for charity.”

Are you having fun in Vegas?

I’m having a great time. It’s the easiest gig on the planet. It’s like getting away with murder! [laughs] It’s just me and a guitar and the people, so you never know where the show is going to go.

Fast forward, and your career took off like a lightning bolt. You were the ACM Artist of the Decade in the ’90s. How did you feel about that incredible recognition?

If you’re familiar with Nashville, the Lee Greenwood Building had this sign [that said] “Garth Goes Gold.” It was off the original Garth Brooks record and ‘No Fences’ was just coming out. By the time they hung it up, they had crossed it out and put ‘platinum.’ And by the time they got through putting it up there, they had to put an ‘s’ on the platinum. It was moving that fast.

You can read the whole article at The Boot, as well as see Garth’s Leno appearance from Friday on Hulu, Garth is on at the 18 minute mark and then performs later on.

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