Craig Morgan Has A Reality Show…Sorta

What is more personal than a reality show?  No, I don’t mean something like the Jersey Shore or The Bachelor, but a REAL reality show.  Take a look at never before seen parts of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Craig Morgan[/lastfm]’s life in Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors.

The Outdoor Channel has a slew of shows on its network, but the #1 rated hunting show is on Saturday mornings (which is actually their top rated time slot.)  This show gives a backstage pass to Craig’s life.  It shows him, not just hunting, but outdoors, on the stage and off.  It shows him performing on stage, and jumping on his dirt bikes as well.

One of the coolest parts is that many scenes, Craig is the camera man as well with his little strapped on handy cam.

You can catch it on every Saturday morning at 11 am (EST) on The Outdoor Channel. Season two of “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” will start in June 2011.

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