2011 Super Bowl XLV Commercials

Bunch 'o TVs (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Look no further. We’ve got your Super Bowl commercials right here!

Some, like the Eminem commercial and most of the Bud Light spots are being kept under wraps. But keep checking back. If I find ’em, I’m adding ’em.
E*Trade Baby – “Outtakes”

Camaro – Miss Evelyn

Volkswagen – Darth Vader

Pepsi Max – Love Hurts

Pepsi Max – Pshhh

Pepsi Max – Torpedo Cooler

Pepsi Max – Dinner Date

Cars.com – Talking Cars

Chevrolet – Transformers

Doritos – You Are What You Eat

Doritos – Pug Attack


Kia – Time Travel

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