What A Heartwarming Story Of Generosity!

By: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

First and foremost, thanks to all who came yesterday to help “Bring Bread To The Hungry” with The Salvation Army’s “Bed & Bread Club!” If you purchase a loaf of Kroger Buttercrust Wheat bread now through February 28th, Kroger will donate the same loaf of bread to The Salvation Army! But one gentleman did something that really brought tears to my eyes….and a Kroger employee named Barb too!

I was with WYCD at the Kroger in Chilson Commons in Pinckney yesterday to promote the “Bed & Bread Club” and it was going GREAT….everyone was buying lots of bread, and at one point we even “sold out” all the bread in the display!  We were having fun, registering everyone to win [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Dierks Bentley[/lastfm] concert tickets, when a man named Kenneth walked in, saw our booth and asked what we were ‘doing’ there.  After I explained…Kenneth pulled out a $20 bill and said “here, I would just like to donate, if that’s OK.“  I offered to buy the bread for him, and donate that bread to the local church that always helps needy families in the Hamburg/Pinckey area, and then the Salvation Army would get the same number of loaves donated the them and he saidsure, that would be great and walked away.  A wonderful and sweet  Kroger employee named  Barb, had told me earlier about the church that always helps families in the Hamburg/Pinckey area.

Barb offered to go through the checkout and purchase the bread and before she was even done, Kenneth came back and handed me ANOTHER $80.00 and said, “Here, why don’t we just make it an ‘even hundred dollars’ worth of bread?”

I went to give the money to Barb to purchase another $80 worth of bread, again helping BOTH  the local church and the Salvation Army, and she said ‘”are you serious…wow….who is this guy?” Low and behold, Kenneth was standing right behind Barb in line at the same checkout, and I said “right here, this is the extremely generous man!”

Barb and I thanked Kenneth again and chatted with him for a minute or two. He explained that he was a retired “Navy Man” and he grew up in the Depression. He said although he was too young at the time to recall, his Mother had told him later in life that as a child he had “gone to bed hungry many a night….and that his life has been great, a very successful career, he never went hungry and wanted to help those who do now”. Barb and I both has tears in our eyes as we hugged him and said goodbye!

This was ‘so totally awesome,‘  and made my day a hundred times over!

What’s the most heartwarming thing you have witnessed lately?

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