Top Three Celebrity Tweets Of The Day

Getty Images/Jemal Countess

Following the Twitter accounts of random celebrities have become a pastime of mine.  Some of the craziest ones of the day has Joan Rivers dishing on the Oscars, Michael Ian Black wishing he lived the life of a cartoon, and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven giving a meet and greet to his followers.

A lot of things on Twitter gave me a handful of laughs, but these Tweets were my favorite.

Joan Rivers is excited about the Oscar’s approaching:

@joan_rivers – “I can’t wait for the Oscars this Sunday! Lots of stars bring their significant others so I’ve decided to bring mine – 12 plastic surgeon.”

Comedian Michael Ian Black has a mind like mine.  A cartoon’s life would be awesome:

@michaelianblack – “How great would it be if we really burped bubbles when we were drunk, just like cartoons? Answer: really great!”

Seems like Jeremy Piven is really taken back by the whole Twitter thing:

@jeremypiven – “When I hit 11 followers I’m going to have a meet & greet…”

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