Even Howard Stern Tweets About Charlie Sheen!

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I am completely enthralled with the whole Charlie Sheen saga.  It is like a train wreck, but better!  That is why while on Twitter today, all I could do was look at Charlie related Tweets. I hit a record, 4 hours of just reading Tweets all in one sitting! Everyone had something to say about Charlie including Christina Applegate, who seems a little upset about the Charlie TweetsJoan Rivers agrees with me about how the whole thing is unfolding. And Howard Stern, who actually had Charlie on the show yesterday, had a Charlie comment that involved John Stamos!

I cannot get enough of Twitter and the Charlie Sheen comments.

Christina Applegate is a bit upset about seeing the whole Twitterverse talking about Charlie.  She makes a threat that I HOPE she keeps:

@1capplegate – “Ok people seriously if I read one more Charlie Sheen tweet I will delete my twitter account…oy.”

Joan Rivers is comparing Charlie to a recent Hollywood Blockbuster movie:

@joan_rivers – All this @charliesheen news reminds me of seeing “Inception.” I have no idea what the hell is going on, but can’t wait to see how it ends.

Howard Stern thinks that a friend of his would jump at a chance to be with Charlie:

@howardstern - Sitting here with Ralph. I think he would dump me , Sam and Stamos in a minute for Charlie Sheen. Hey Now.

But my favorite Tweets are of course, Charlie’s!  He has been adding some great TwitPics!  Look at what he is enjoying his “Charlie Dog” on:

@charliesheen – Yeah man… This works! #charliedog#tigerbloodhttp://twitpic.com/45giet

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