Japan Earthquake: How You Can Help

Photo: Koichi Saito/Getty Images

As you most likely already know, Japan was hit by a major 8.9 earthquake on March 11th that was followed by a devastating Tsunami, with hundreds left dead and as many left homeless. There are many ways you can help those who are affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.


American Red Cross: They’re now accepting text donations.  If you’d like to contribute, send a text with REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 will be donated to help those affected in Japan.  Click here for more details on their website.

Shelterbox: This online fundraiser to collect money for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan has been started by author Maureen Johnson, who did a similar campaign for earthquake victims in New Zealand, where she raised more than $15,000.  Shelterbox goes into areas devastated by natural disasters wil large green boxees which contain shelters and materials needed for people to restart their lives.  The boxes contain a tent and usually also include a stove, blankets, water purification systems and tools.  See how you can help when you click here.

Save the Children: They’re helping families with children who need assistance.  For details on their team dispatched to Japan click here and if you’re like to make a donation to the organization, click here.

Global Giving: Launching the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, this organization will distribute all donations to groups providing relief and emergency services to those in Japan affected by the disaster.  Click here to help.

Convoy of Hope: On their website, Convoy of Hope states their Disaster Response team “has established connection with in-country partners in Japan who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance.”  You can either make a donation online when you click here or you can text the word TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to the organization’s relief efforts.

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army will begin providing basic needs such as food and water to those who need it.  Like other organizations, you can make a donation online when you click here or you can text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to make your $10 donation.

Give2Asia: This organization’s Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Fund will go to help with immediate relief plus short-term and long-term recovery projects to those communities in need.  Donations can be made online when you click here.

[Source: Reuters]

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