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I better get my Twitter fix in now, because tomorrow I will not have any remembrance of what went on because of St. Patty’s Day!  I may be just a LITTLE excited! (Don’t judge me) Today, Alyssa Milano Tweeted exactly how I feel about smart phones, Whitney Cummings made me smile in more ways than one, and Neil Patrick Harris posted a puzzle for all of us that I gave up on when I looked at it!


Now, I love my smartphone.  I don’t think I could live without it.  But Alyssa Milano tweeted a chart that explains how I really feel about my phone:

@Alyssa_Milano – The 6 Stages of Smartphone Ownership [CHART]: /via @cracked

Whitney Cummings was a part of the Roast of Donald Trump last night on Comedy Central and was AWESOME!  Something she Tweeted made me smile even more:

@whitneycummings – I will be performing in Detroit on April 1st—tix here fools

Neil Patrick Harris posted a puzzle that I knew was not worth my time.  He even said how to solve it.  I will let someone else do the dirty work:

@ActuallyNPH – Xibu 2071t nvsefsfs ibwf J qmbzfe potubhf? Hp up ‘’ xjui uif sjhiu botxfs boe zpv’mm xjo 41% pgg ujdlfut up ‘Qmbz Efbe’.

@ActuallyNPH – Times up. Just shift all the letters one space to the left. It’s called the ‘Caeser cipher’. Nice wits, those that solved. Well played.

Of course, Charlie Sheen is still up to his usual WINNING self:

@charliesheen#fastball: a chance to own the “win” in winning..! look in the mirror. ignite your warrior. follow my lead. ybw. c

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Love, Coop

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