113282548 Red Flags If Your Woman Is A Changer

Getty Images/Graham Denholm

How many times have you heard women saying “I cannot find the right man”?  Women have officially given up looking for their right man, and are trying to create their right man.  Are you a part of one of these makeovers?

Not sure if I really am that much of a “work in process” or certain women are picky, but I have noticed some of these red flags that Steven Bowden on Yahoo says to watch out for.

This seems to be a tendency I have noticed –

Compromise suddenly has a new definition
You like foreign films with subtitles; she likes romantic comedies. Normally, you’d compromise and take turns picking the movie. But for the Changer, this compromise won’t last long. Soon you will hear: “But I really want to see this movie!” or “I’m worried it won’t be playing by next week.” For the Changer, compromise means doing what she wants… every time.

This is usually one of the worst ones I have noticed –

Your girlfriend becomes “Our Lady of the Constant Critique”
It’s OK for a woman to ask you to “dress up a bit” for a special occasion, but the Changer always has some complaint to accessorize it with, like: “Why do you wear jeans all the time?”

No matter how hard I tried, this tended to always happen –

Your friends have practically disappeared since you started seeing each other
Lately, your friends don’t seem to come over very often and they don’t invite you out, either. They have opinions of their own about your girl, it seems, and that poses danger for the Changer. She’s probably doing subtle things to make your friends uncomfortable in her presence. If so, it means she’s hoping to isolate you, which makes her ability to control your life that much easier.

I always tried not to notice this, but it still happened –

In your relationship, support is a one-way street
When she needs your support, you always deliver. But somehow, it’s different when you need something from her. Her support usually comes with conditions attached or is followed by long, dramatic sighs. Whatever’s wrong, a Changer will point out that it’s probably all your fault, and sympathy is always absent.

There are a lot more warning signs to watch out for.  Check them all out at Yahoo.com


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