Guest List: Will Ferrell Shows His Dramatic Side In ‘Everything Must Go’ Interview

Will Ferrell as Nick Halsey in "Everything Must Go" (In theatres May 13th)

Nick Hasley (Will Ferrell) is having a bad day.  He lost his job. His wife left him. And he returned home only to find his possessions dumped all over the lawn–forcing him to get rid of everything. With nowhere to go, bank account frozen, what does one immediately do? Live outside of your old house and have a yard sale, that’s what!

Listen to Will Ferrell run us through a guy down-on-his-luck, the importance of his relationship with Kenny (Christopher Jordan Wallace), a neighborhood boy who helps Nick conquer his fears, and the oddest item sold at his garage sale.

[Photo Gallery] ‘Everything Must Go’ Starring Will Ferrellview gallery

Directed by Dan Rush, and based on a short story by Raymond Carver, Everything Must Go also stars Rebecca Hall, Laura Dern, and Michael Peña. In theatres May 13th.

We’re used to seeing Will Ferrell being funny. Are you ready to see his dramatic side? Chime in via the comment below!

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