A Heartwarming Hoedown Story!

Hoedown is a loud, lively, riotous bash. And, with 250,000-plus country-lovin’ party people packed into Hart Plaza, stuff can get lost. In this case, it was some extremely important stuff.

This is the story of Hoedown fans, and Good Samaritans, Brandie Kreiner and Joshua Cupp. Just a little about them… both students finishing up at Wayne State University. Brandie recently got certified in Special Education — led to her chosen career, in part, by her friendship with a great little autistic boy she babysat for.  Joshua is going into “anatomic pathology”.  He loves forensics, and (no kidding!) wants to be the guy who does the autopsies. (Which Brandie admits “is kinda disgusting.”)

[photogallerylink id=82427 align=right]Anyway, after work Friday night, they headed to Hart Plaza for Hoedown and, at about 8:30 p.m., found themselves by the big screen, jammed in with their fellow boot-scooters. “It was crazy,” said Brandie. “There were literally hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder, dancing!”

Then, underneath her stylish white cowgirl boot, Brandie suddenly felt something. She looked down, and there was a credit card, a Social Security card, a health insurance card and a Bridge Card, all just laying there. “Someone had dropped everything!” (How on earth did she FEEL it? “No idea.”)

The pair agreed they needed to pick it up, but what to do with it? “We talked about it for a bit,” Brandie said. “Should we give it to a security guard ?” But Brandie and Joshua agreed this was just way too much important stuff.

So, why not give it to their favorite radio station, WYCD?

While making a big, big breakfast the next morning, Brandie contacted the station… a lot.  “I emailed everybody at every email address I could find on the web site (WYCD.com). I called like 1,500 times!”

Long story short (too late, right 8) ), the station got back to Brandie, and the stuff is now on its way back to its rightful owner, who will no doubt be more than relieved.

“We just knew we could trust it to you guys!” Brandie said, with a smile.  Now, the only thing left to do is enjoy another day in the D, at the world’s biggest free country music festival.

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