Will Online Shopping Lose Its Fun?

Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Websites like Amazon and eBay have become places that we can find really good deals.  Even places like Best Buy and Meijer are giving deals that we cannot find in their stores.  But will these good deals be going away soon? 

We all know that the government has been trying to close the budget gap by laying off teachers and closing the public places that we all love, and it seems like some states are even looking at another way to help with the ever-growing budget crisis.  According to Yahoo,  many states are looking to tax all the goodies we purchase on websites like Amazon and eBay!

“The problem is that some out-of-state e-retailers openly flaunt the law, arguing that it doesn’t apply to them,” said Texas state Democratic Rep. Elliot Naishtat, who has offered a bill to require more Internet sellers to collect Texas sales tax. “It’s about potentially generating hundreds of millions of dollars for our state.”

Even though Naishtat thinks it will help out, others don’t agree it is a good thing to start taxing these online retailers.  Jonathan Johnson, president of Overstock.com, says:

“We think it’s wrong that states are trying to cause out-of-state retailers to be their tax collectors.”

What do you think?  Should we pay the tax to help cut the budget?  Let me know on Facebook and Twitter!  Read more about the issue at Yahoo.com

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