The ‘Workout Kid’ Could Teach You Something

While many people look at losing weight as a “New Years resolution,” but it seems like we are always trying something new to shed the pounds.  But if you were looking to lose weight, would you turn your attention to a 10-year-old for help?

Wanting to get fit is something that C.J. Senter hadn’t always been concerned about.  But according to Yahoo, five years ago his football coach told him to get some exercise over the weekend.  He tried his hand at some situps, and loved it!

But whenever people see a kid that likes to workout this much, it is always concerning on who is pushing the kid to do this.  Many studies show that kids under 15, while they should get exercise, they shouldn’t really be working out with weights.  But according to C.J., he hasn’t touched a single weight this whole time.  A ton of people look up to C.J. as he actually teaches a class at a local gym, and shows people his completely weight free work out!

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