[Review] Trace Adkins CD Is Aptly Titled ‘Proud To Be Here’

Whenever I listen to a [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Trace Adkins[/lastfm] CD, I feel like I’m immersed in everyday America, and his new release Proud to Be Here is a slice of America served up beautifully by producers Kenny Beard and Mark Wright.

[pullquote quote=”I’ve gone way past the life expectancy as a country music artist, to still be somewhat relevant after 15 years, that’s a feather in my bonnet.” credit=”Trace Adkins on story behind album title”]“Proud To Be Here,” the title track and opening cut on his tenth studio album release kind of sums up Trace in one song, “livin’ on borrowed time for years and I’m just proud to be here.”

Knowing Trace’s past, this song is representative of the mood of this album. My other favorite tracks on the CD are “Days Like This” as Trace packs in a an emotional wallup in reality and a beautiful message about a chaotic world and escaping the daily grind.  The song “Just Fishin’” is another showcase for Trace’s masterful baritone and again, another great message for his country music fans and is a sure fired chart topper.

Trace knows how to rock out and had a little fun on several tracks like “It’s A Woman Thang” and “Million Dollar View” and gets to display his soulful bluesy side in “Love Buzz.”  Trace’s young fans will enjoy “It’s Who You Know” as it takes you back to your high school days. [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Merle Haggard[/lastfm] would be proud of “Poor Folks” which sounds like the song you want to hear driving across the plains near Trace’s native Texas. Proud to Be Here is definitely one of Trace’s best album efforts to date, and takes you through a myriad of emotions in Trace’s honest, bare bones and pure country style. ~Tim Roberts, Program Director, WYCD

Trace explains the reason behind the title of the album Proud To Be Here:

Proud To Be Here Track Listing:

01. “Proud To Be Here”

02. “Million Dollar View”

03. “Days Like This”

04. “That’s What You Get”

05. “Just Fishin'”

06. “It’s A Woman Thang”

07. “Love Buzz”

08. “It’s Who You Know”

09. “Poor Folks”

10. “Always Gonna Be That Way”

11. “Damn You Bubba”

12. “More Of Us”

13. “If I Was A Woman” featuring [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Blake Shelton[/lastfm]

14. “Semper Fi”

Trace Adkins Interview with CBS Radio:  Trace Adkins talks about his role in Lincoln Lawyer with Matthew McConaughey, his single “Just Fishin'” starring his daughter Trinity, and tells who his personal favorite, late night TV talk show host is.

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Proud To Be Here is available August 2, 2011. Find it in stores or available for digital download at iTunes or buy the CD at amazon.com.

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