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It’s been quite a while since [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Tracy Lawrence[/lastfm] got into an argument that made news. 

tracylawrence Tracy Lawrence Gets Into Fistfight With Concert Promoter

Time-Life Pictures via Getty Images

The fight happened after a concert in Tiffin, Ohio. According to news reports, Tracy was already through performing and getting ready to leave.  Thanks to a thunderstorm, the fairgrounds were very muddy and the tour buses had to be pulled out with a tractor. Well, they pulled out some other buses, including [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Gary Allen[/lastfm]’s. But they left Tracy’s stuck in the mud. Tracy wasn’ t happy about that. One thing led to another and the two ended up in a fistfight. Witnesses say Tracy looks more beat up than the other guy. No word on who threw the first punch.

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Comments (6)
  1. Joe Roth says:

    He had to be taken to tiffin mercy hospital by ambulance…..if that tells you any thing.

  2. isaac says:

    ok first of all they pulled out tracy lawence and then randy houser then they got into an arugument on the road and the elmer guy told him not to leaveafter he already got stuck because he had somewhere else to be and then sucker punched tracy … then elmer went to jail … haha… i know this because i was there and was trying to help the bus get out . i wanted to clear this up

    1. None says:

      Haha issac no you werent there. Nothing in your comment even happened. Elmer is my unlce, and Tracy threw the first punch and my uncle ended it. Breaking Tracys nose and making him get stiches by his eye. They both were taken to Tiffin Mercy and left that night. And my uncle elmer never went to jail, get your facts straight before you go and try to be a poser like you are someone important so people will think other of you. Liers always get caught! 🙂

    2. Joe says:

      Umm…Tracey threw the first punch…Seems yall have a hot headed musician on your hands…

  3. T says:

    Isaac, how does it feel to lie? Tracey Lawrence And Elmer cole both went to the hospital. This was two hours before the buses were pulled out.Why do you think they were arguing?Nobody went to jail.Look it up in the public docket.There are actual real witnesses with statements saying Tracey Lawrence punched Elmer Cole Three times before Elmer Hit him back one time.The only witness on behalf of Tracey was his bus driver.As expected the star struck local sheriff and ems workers allowed for a couple “famous people” to be equal to 30 real witnesses.The next question I have is the only people besides The sheriffs and about four people no one was allowed in the area. Are you a star struck lier or just a lier?

  4. Joe says:

    Tracey threw first…2 other guys jumped in and helped Tracey…Elmer got up and clocked Tracey where it counts…Broken nose…Messed up eye-socket…Seems people should quit partying…Guess he never made it to where he needed to be…LOL

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