I LOVE to cook and I think it’s the southern boy in me coming out, but I love anything with the letters BBQ in it.  Anyone who BBQ’s knows the best thing about it is the sauce or seasoning you use.  I found the perfect partner for my southern BBQ’n…Jesse James BBQ Sauce!  I’m makin’ a new tailgaitin’ recipe each week for you to use at your party, and I guarantee you’re going to love it.  This week, steak…juicy, juicy steak with Jesse James Steak Sauce.  

dscn0145 Steak + Jesse James Sauce = : ) Weekend

1) So I recommend using a thick cut of sirloin or a thick porterhouse to start.  First step is to trim the fat and tenderize it a bit (grab one of those cool looking mallet’s with the spikey things on the end and pound the steak).  Next…brush the steaks with some oil, lightly…then rub in about 1 teaspoon of rosemary, salt and pepper into both sides of the steak(s) you’re cooking.  Let them sit at room temp for about a half hour.

dscn0136 Steak + Jesse James Sauce = : ) Weekend

2) After the steak has sat at room temp for about a half hour with your rub in it…you can start the grill and get it hot.  Once it’s heated up, bring it to a good medium heat and throw the steaks right on the flame.  Let them sit for about 5 minutes per side (10 minutes total).  Should reach a little below 160 degrees.  

dscn0149 Steak + Jesse James Sauce = : ) Weekend

3) A really important part to grilling your steaks is to not cook them all the way through on the grill.  The reason being that steak will continue to cook once you take it off the grill.  So if you want a good medium steak at 160 degrees, then you should take it off at about 145 – 150.  I prefer 145…then LIGHTLY wrap your steak(s) in foil.  Let them breathe.  People see it on the Food Network or something and wrap their steaks up real tight.  This will over cook them and act like a really hot oven.  So wrap them, but leave a little hole or opening at the top so that it can breathe and naturally create steam.

dscn0151 Steak + Jesse James Sauce = : ) Weekend

4) Finally…pour on your Jesse James Steak Sauce and enjoy!  They will be PERFECTLY pink and tender and the sauce is just the perfect companion to these.  It’ll give it that extra tangy and sweetness that you’re looking for with such a beautiful steak.

photo on 9 16 11 at 3 14 pm  31 Steak + Jesse James Sauce = : ) Weekend

** PS the secret ingredient to all of this is the YUMMY sauce from Jesse James BBQ Sauce(s) which you can grab at your local grocery store…plus they have fantastic drink mixes. Through a good mojito with this and you’re talking a YUMMY game day meal!

Make sure you check back here next week, same time and I’ll use a completely different sauce and a completely different meat for you to make for that next game day meal. And if you don’t know where to get these yummy sauces, check their website, JesseJamesSauces.com. Or their Facebook has some great info on there. Or if you come to the station for Thursday Night Live, we will have a free bottle, or three, for you.

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