Cheating On Your Diet Worse Than Cheating On Your Spouse?

For half the women surveyed…sad but true! 54% of woman said that their ‘top priority’ was what they eat, even more important than their relationship or marriage. And when it comes to ‘cheating,’ these same ladies said the feel guiltiest about cheating on a diet, more so than cheating on a spouse. WOW! Do you feel this way?

Women on diets spend more time worrying about what’s on their plate than their relationship, according to a new study by Atkins. The weight-loss company found 54 percent thought about food more than their marriage and a quarter felt dieting was more important than their relationship.

Even more surprising, the findings showed women would feel more guilty about straying from their diet plan than cheating on their partners!

What is your biggest worry in life, and how do you keep from letting it consume you?

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