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There are a TON of songs out there about having a good time. But, which ones rank up toward the top of the list? Well, to find out the answer, we consulted with KMLE Country 108’s @TheDavidDean to find out which songs are best for having a good time.

10) Alan Jackson“Good Time”

The song “Good Time” is an obvious one for this list. The song is ABOUT HAVING A GOOD TIME! But it’s also a classic and just one of Alan Jackson’s long list of #1 songs he’s had. Plus the video shows Alan talking about how he wants to bring back some country line dancing (which is seen throughout the video)!

Key lyric: 

Cause I’ve been workin’ all week
And I’m tired and I don’t wanna sleep
I wanna have fun
It’s time for a good time

9) Gretchen Wilson – “Here For The Party”

When the weekend hits there is a whole lot of us who just want to go out and have ourselves a party. Gretchen Wilson boldly proclaims that she’s “Here For The Party” in this song and her enthusiasm singing the part keeps us well entertained. This is the kinda song you just wanna drink a beer to or maybe even have a shot of your favorite spirit (just make sure it’s strong and it ain’t no purple hooter shooter)!

Key lyric:

“Don’t want no purple hooter shooter just some jack on the rocks!”

8) Zac Brown Band – “Knee Deep”

The Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet have one of the greatest songs on this list with their song about being knee deep in the water somewhere. What could be better than only having to worry about the tide coming up to your chair? One of the best parts are the lyrics sang by Jimmy Buffet to really give it that sort of “Margaritaville” feel like you’re ACTUALLY on vacation somewhere. Our only question is how did Kenny Chesney not do this song?!

Key lyric:

“Gonna put the world away for a minute, pretend I don’t live in it. Sunshine gonna wash my blues away.”

7) Luke Bryan – “Country Girl”

Luke Bryan nails having a good time WHILE you’re out at the bar somewhere with his “Country Girl (Shake It For Me).” Not only does Luke explain how he’s going to have a good time in this one, but he describes EXACTLY how he’d like to see the girls shake it for him. This one is still fresh in all of our minds as well as it’s one of the newest songs on this list!

Key Lyric:

“Got a little boom in my big truck
Gonna open up the doors and turn it up
Gonna stomp my boots in the Georgia mud
Gonna watch you make me fall in love
Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor
Up on the tool box, it don’t matter
Down on the tailgate
Girl I can’t wait
To watch you do your thing”

6) George Strait – “Here For A Good Time”

Now, you technically aren’t allowed to have a list of country songs without including George Strait. Truth be told, George has a ton of songs that are about having a good time or that could fit into the category, but since his brand new album is called “Here For A Good Time” it just makes sense this time to include this one (also having ‘good time’ in the title of the song helps)! George Strait continues to amaze with the quality of music he puts out and we’re all lucky enough to have a good time listening to it!

Key Lyric:

“I ain’t here for a long time… I’m here for a good time.”

5) Jake Owen – “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”

Jake Owen has been doing all sorts of crazy stuff lately… Planking on vending machines and buses, inviting his Twitter followers out by the lake to hang out and have a beer… all good time stuff. And his latest #1 song, “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” is all about having a good time under the moon at night when the weather is just right!

Key Lyric:

“Never gonna grow up
Never gonna slow down
We were shinin’ like lighters in the dark
In the middle of a rock show
We were doin’ it right
We were comin’ alive
Yeah, caught up in a Southern summer, a barefoot, blue jean night!”

4) Trace Adkins – “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”

Trace is one of country music’s big stars. And when we say big, we mean BIG. Dude is 6’6”, 275lbs and boasts one of the deepest voices you’ll ever hear. Go to a Trace Adkins concert sometime and the crowd loses their mind when he finally decides to do this one. We’re always on board with any sort of lyric that finds a way to work in that someone has “got it goin’ on, like Donkey Kong!” It’s a song about rear ends without ever really saying that. Lord, have mercy, how DID she even get them britches on??

Key Lyric: 

“Got it goin’ on
Like Donkey Kong
And whoo-wee
Shut my mouth, slap your grandma
There outta be a law
Get the Sheriff on the phone
Lord have mercy, how’d she even get them britches on
That honky tonk badonkadonk”

3) Blake Shelton – “Hillbilly Bone”

Now we’ve come to Blake Shelton and Hillbilly Bone. You may also hear a second voice in there, that’s Trace Adkins. The video portrays a redneck trying to go out in the big city and not having a clue how to act (Blake). It’s also fun to get to see Trace Adkins having a good time in the video and playing around. Nobody else in country music has as much fun on Twitter as @BlakeShelton does, so it’s natural for him to be on this list!

Key lyric:

“We all got a hillbilly bone down deep inside
No matter where you from you just can’t hide it
And when the band starts banging and the fiddle saws
You can’t help but hollering, Yee Haw!”

2) Kenny Chesney – “Out Last Night”

Kenny Chesney’s “Beer in Mexico” almost made this list, but we all can relate to the day AFTER having a good time and thinking back about what an amazing night it was (while reaching for a pain reliever for that headache)!

Key lyric: 

“I was a doctor, a lawyer, a senator’s son

Brad Pitt’s brother and a man on the run
Anything I thought would get the job done

Yeah we went out last night.”

1a / 1b) Jason Aldean – “My Kinda Party” / “Dirt Road Anthem”

So this one is two songs… but c’mon, these are two awesome songs and it’s impossible to pick between them. My Kinda Party is the anthem for heading out to a bonfire down by the lake somewhere on the weekend for a big party (a good time indeed) and Dirt Road Anthem is about reflecting back while you’re chillin’ on a dirt road somewhere by yourself looking out the window. Strangely enough, the two songs are both on Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party” CD and both songs were written by Brantley Gilbert.

Key lyric:

(My Kinda Party)

“You know words got it there’s gonna be a party
Out of town about half a mile.
Four wheel drives and big mud tires.
Muscadine wine..

Oh baby you can find me.
In the back of a jacked up tailgate.
Sittin’ ’round watchin’ all these pretty things.
Get down in that Georgia clay.
And I’ll find peace.
At the bottom of a real tall cold drink.
I’m chillin’ to some Skynyrd and some old Hank.
Lets get this thing started.
It’s my kinda party.”

(Dirt Road Anthem)

“Yeah I’m chillin’ on a dirt road
Laid back swervin’ like I’m George Jones
Smoke rollin’ out the window
An ice cold beer sittin’ in the console
Memory lane up in the headlights
It’s got me reminiscing on them good times
I’m turnin’ off a real life drive and that’s right
I’m hittin’ easy street on mud tires.”


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