Run, Don’t Walk To Pick Up Toby Keith’s ‘Clancy’s Tavern!’

[pullquote quote=”It says in the song: ‘my old man’s that old man’ and by God, my old man was that old man. ” credit=”Toby Keith on ‘Made In America'”]If you hang around Country music enough, you learn never to underestimate [mp3com-artist]Toby Keith[/mp3com-artist]. On his brand new release Clancy’s Tavern you get a full glimpse of what Toby’s world is all about…from heart break to honky tonks…trucks and beer…it’s all here on the new release. This is the album I’ve been looking for from Toby for a long time, an album that really reflects what he brings to the fan filled tour scene.

The album notably delivers in a Haggard like sound on “Just Another Sundown.”  Stark and full of emotion the song kicks off an album that is very listenable all the way through. Another favorite is a good ole Texas two-stepper called “Fallin’ in Love.”  The title track of the album is a tribute to a female barkeep serving up the “regular Joe’s of the world.”

You’ve already been hearing Toby’s #1 radio ready “Made in America” included on this release. But the real treats are a series of live cuts including covers of the [mp3com-artist]Johnny Rivers[/mp3com-artist] classic “Memphis,” along with a nice cover of [mp3com-artist]Three Dog Night[/mp3com-artist]’s “Shambala.”  Toby Keith knows how to deliver smooth, and does so on “Chillaxin'” and totally nails it on the Waylonesque “High Time You Quit Your Lowdown.”  In short, Clancy’s Tavern brings you everything you want from Toby…middle America country fun, soulful reflection on love gone wrong, rockin’ Friday Night Fun, and the hilarious tribute to the “Red Solo Cup” which is going to be a honky tonk sing-along classic for a long long time. Make sure you watch the video on “Red Solo Cup” too, you’ll love it even more!

Never underestimate Toby…head to iTunes and download this to your iPod and just like in “Beers Ago” you’ll be 1452 beers down the road and wonder how you got there (Red Solo Cup recommended.) Clancy’s Tavern, you’re my friend! ~Tim Roberts, Program Director, CBS Radio

[photogallerylink id=66726 align=right]Clancy’s Tavern Track Listing:

1. “Made In America”


2. “I Need To Hear A Country Song”

3. “Clancy’s Tavern” (See below for ‘Story Behind The Song’)

4. “Tryin’ To Fall In Love”

5. “Just Another Sundown”

6. “Beers Ago”

7. “South Of You”

8. “Club Zydeco Moon”

[photogallerylink id=77339 align=right]9. “I Won’t Let You Down”

10. “Red Solo Cup”


11. “Chillaxin'”

Live Tracks (Clancy’s Tavern Deluxe Version)

12. “High Time (You Quit Your Low Down Ways)”

13. “Truck Drivin’ Man”

14. “Shambala”

15. “Memphis”

The Story Behind “Clancy’s Tavern” (written by Toby Keith and Scotty Emerick)

“My Grandmother passed away when she was 86; she was like Miss Kitty and ran a supper club/night club in Fort Smith for years. So when I was a kid, some of the earliest memories I have of being on this earth were going by her night club and seeing my Grandmother. I spent a whole summer with her, and years ago I wrote the song “Honkytonk U” about it and her buying me a guitar. This song is a tribute to her. The name of the bar was Billy Garners’ Supper Club, but it wasn’t fitting into my song very well. My Grandfather had nicknamed her Clancy because she was a saloon keeper, and always called her Clancy around the house. So I used Clancy’s Tavern. I give you the visual and everything you see when you go in the door. There’s nothing made up in this song. Every bit of this is word for word, exactly what you would have seen if you went in the front door at 5:00 and stayed all night long. It’s a pretty special song to me.” ~Toby Keith

Clancy’s Tavern is available in stores and online, Monday, October 24th. Pick up your copy (run don’t walk) now at local retailers and or  iTunes. Get a Best Buy coupon for Clancy’s Tavern here.

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