Billboard’s Country Mini-Magazine Arrives December 27 (With A Free CD)

To close out 2011 in style, Billboard magazine has launched a brand new “mini” edition exclusively for the Country music fan. Billboard Special Edition: Country’s Best comes with two collectible covers, representing two of the brightest (and busiest) new talents in Country music. One cover features “renaissance man” Zac Brown and his [lastfm]Zac Brown Band[/lastfm], who has added “label boss” and “restaurateur” to his long list of on-stage accomplishments. The other cover features [lastfm]Jason Aldean[/lastfm], the newly-crowned CMA Album of the Year winner (and a new father, to boot). Each mini-mag comes with a 20-track CD containing some of the year’s best Country singles, covering everyone from [lastfm]Trace Adkins[/lastfm] to [lastfm]Colt Ford[/lastfm].

This might be the perfect gift for the Country fan in your life. Click through to find out which artists are featured on the CD, and visit your local Target store beginning December 27 to pick up your copy.

Here is the full track listing for the 20-song CD included in the Billboard Special Edition: Country’s Best mini-magazine. Spotify members may preview each of these songs by clicking here.

[lastfm]Jason Aldean[/lastfm] – Country Boys World
[lastfm]Zac Brown Band[/lastfm] – Me In Mind (Live)
[lastfm]Trace Adkins[/lastfm] – Dollar View
[lastfm]Aaron Lewis[/lastfm] – The Story Never Dies
[lastfm]Montgomery Gentry[/lastfm] – Rebels On The Run
[lastfm]Craig Morgan[/lastfm] – Love Loves A Long Night
[lastfm]Thompson Square[/lastfm] – Who Loves You More
[lastfm]Andy Gibson[/lastfm] – Wanna Make You Love Me
[lastfm]Sammy Kershaw[/lastfm] – The Cover Of The Rolling Stone
[lastfm]Ty Stone[/lastfm] – Anywhere’s Better
[lastfm]Levi Lowery[/lastfm] – Space Between
[lastfm]Nic Cowan[/lastfm] – Hard Headed
[lastfm]Sonia Leigh[/lastfm] – Bar
[lastfm]Colt Ford[/lastfm] – Country Thang
[lastfm]James Wesley[/lastfm] – Shake It Off
[lastfm]Glen Templeton[/lastfm] – I Could Be The One
[lastfm]Elizabeth Cook[/lastfm] – All The Time
[lastfm]Sarah Darling[/lastfm] – Bad Habit
[lastfm]Josh Abbott Band[/lastfm] – Oh Tonight
[lastfm]Craig Campbell[/lastfm] – When I Get It

Click here to find your closest Target store. For more info on the Billboard Special Edition: Country’s Best mini-magazine visit

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