Time for another episode of  Survivor: One World and time for Dr Don‘s uncannily accurate spoilers.  Well, maybe not so much last week.  (Bookmark this page as it’s updated often)

There seems to be little agreement as to who makes it to the finals. But, as things develop, I’ll update this page, so check back often.

Some things to know:

  • The season started with the tribes split into all men (Manono) and all women (Salani).
  • The tribes  live together, but have split off into separate camps.
  • Redemption Island is gone for this season
  • Hidden immunity idols, if found, cannot be used by the finder but must be given to a member of the other tribe.
  • More do-it-yourself challenges where tribes have to figure out what the game is for themselves.

Now, for your Week Four Recap:

  • The tribes get shuffled up.  It’s no longer men vs women. However, the strongest players all wind up on the new Salani tribe.
  • The immunity challenge is the ol’ water basketball game. The new Salani wins.
  • The reward challenge appears to be one that requires Survivors to fill a bucket full of holes with water and transfer that bucket to another bucket and so forth. I’m sure you’ve seen similar games before.  The new Salani tribe wins this one, too.
  • Monica catches on that Colton is playing both sides, so she has the target on her back and is the consensus prediction to go home. Again. So, everyone was a week off.
monica e1331081649740 Survivor: One World Spoilers


One spoiler poster reported Final Three prediction included Colton and  Michael. But it also included Nina (who’s long gone) and the prediction has been declared bogus by those who apparently have ways to tell. Soon as I find a firm Final Three prediction, it’ll be right here.

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Comments (7)
  1. Carol says:

    Ok how do u know these thigs? Telepathic?…LOL

    1. Dr Don says:

      More like Googlepathic

  2. Revivorman says:

    fairly accurate! although the argument mentioned doesn’t show until the next episode.

    1. Dr Don says:

      Thanks. Fixed.

  3. wendy says:

    your spoiler for last week was way off…you had everything wrong except the fight…you need a better source!!

    1. Dr Don says:

      Last week was dead on. This week was way off. But, hey, I’m still ahead of the game. 😉 Better luck next week!

      1. wendy says:

        thats what I meant…the latest one…lol

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