“Look Ma…It’s KISS!” Up Next: DWTS!

One of the most famous rock bands of all time, KISS, were one of the most talked about presenters over the weekend at the ACM Awards in Vegas! I for one, cracked up when Lady Antebellum came onstage to pick up their ACM Award for Vocal Group Of The Year, and during their acceptance speech, Charles blurted out “Look Ma….It’s KISS!” While I wondered why they were even there in the first place, I am scratching my head even more now that I hear they will be guesting next week on Dancing With The Stars. What’s going on with this aging rock band, and why are they suddenly back in the spotlight with a vengeance? Hmmm….

Well…I tried diggin’ around to find out exactly ‘why’ all of a sudden KISS is back in the spotlight, and everywhere it seems, but I cannot seem to find a good reason why? Any rabid fan here in the D know wassup?

Here’s a video of KISS on a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, doing their famous ode to “The D” with “Detroit Rock City”


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