Thompson Square Reveal How They Keep Things ‘Spicy’ After 13 Years Of Marriage!

Shawna and Keifer Thompson, better known as Thompson Square are riding a career high right now, adding the ACM Vocal Duo Of The Year to their trophy case! On May 15th, they will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary, which in the music and entertainment business is like an eternity! Chuck Edwards who got married last month in Hawaii, asked them for their advice on how to keep things ‘spicy’ in their marriage…and boy were we surprised by their answer! Listen to out hilarious interview, the entire unedited podcast and hear for yourself…

For some reason our chats with this talented and happily married duo always seems to take some sort of ‘nasty turn’ and this time it was the topic of leaving body hair on the soap in the bathroom….which is totally nasty! But the funniest part of our interview was Keifer’s response on how he keeps Shawna’s eye from wandering!

Here is the Edwards & Lee unedited interview with Thompson Square!

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