No More Crushed Bugs For Starbucks

Every day before I come to work, I grab a big coffee drink from where ever seems to have a short line.  While I am not partial to any location in particular, I did get a little worried about one.  I found out a few weeks ago that Starbucks was using crushed bugs and a dye for pink drinks.  While it had to be passed by the FDA to be safe for consumption, it still worried me a little bit. But the new report is you don’t have to worry about crushed bugs anymore!

According to Yahoo, Starbucks decided that the crushed bugs in their drinks, while safe, was not vegan friendly and decided to move to something else.

An online petition on asking the chain to stop using the bug-based dye had collected more than 6,000 signatures. The petition was started by a South Carolina woman who wanted to inform consumers that the chain’s strawberry drinks weren’t vegan-friendly.


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