Even Celebs Have ‘Hair-Raising’ Horror Stories

To hear her tell it, Cameron Diaz never expected her locks to look so short.She says a “girlfriend of mine who cuts my hair” did the deed. It was a busy night in December and Diaz, 39, told her she “just wanted a little bit off.” When the actress saw how much of her hair was gone, she says, “I just burst into tears and started crying. I felt so vulnerable. For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my God!”  As a licensed cosmetologist…I have witnessed some pretty hair-raising things myself!

One time I talked a good friend into putting layers into her super long, straight hair. I knew it would look amazing, and when I was done I was so excited for her to see how AWESOME it looked! It looked so good, ten times better than her previous hairstyle which she had kept for about 15 years! She took one look in the mirror and started BAWLING her eyes out. She HATED it. I did not even know what to say, just reassuring her that it really did look AWESOME! She left my house in tears.

She called me 3 full says later to tell me that she LOVED her hair, had received compliments from EVERYONE who saw her, and she felt like a new and improved person!

What was your worst ever hair horror story?

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