Don’t Wanna Work With My Husband!

Things on daytime TV just have not been the same since Regis Philbin left. And Kelly Ripa has auditioned lots of different  Live! With Kelly co-hosts since Regis retired and left the show last year. She has not selected a replacement yet,  but one name can be ruled out, and that is her husband,  Mark Consuelos.  Kelly and Mark have a great on air chemistry and lots of people including me thought that he might be the one to fill Reege’s big shoes! But Kelly says that while no one would make her happier, she just does not think it would be good for their marriage. Do you or could you work full-time with your husband or wife?

Some people can and do work with their spouse in a family business and they get along just fine. I love my husband but I am pretty sure that we would drive each other crazy if we worked together…..maybe not, but I have a great marriage and I’m like Kelly, in that I would not want to take a chance at ruining a good thing.

Do you think that you could ever work with your spouse? Why or why not?

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